Who Should Be Blamed?

Blaming someone is very easy, once we have been hurt in a situation. We tend to magnify the wrongs handed to us. Everything seems to look like the wall of China, hence we begin to build up bitterness and extreme anger towards the other person or persons we feel are responsible (or should take responsibility) for what was done. There is no doubt that we hurt each other. No one person can say, they have never hurt another human being for that would be untrue. The impact of some hurts excedes others but just as sin is sin (size not mattering), hurt is also hurt.
As I stood by the door of my apartment recently, I started to reflect on some grueling situations which caused me to lash out against a group of people, particularly one person. I was furious about the way I was treated. To an extent I was taking responibility for my actions (or so I thought) because I would have said, “I know I am not perfect and I messed up sometines BUT it was my RESPONSE to the way I was treated” (Read that again). I stood up strong on that statement because it gave me a sense of peace that though I was imperfect, I was in the right. That my friend, is not taking responsibility. The blame was still being handed over to the offenders. Seeing that my desire is to live a complete life pleasing to God, he would have only allowed me to reach so far with that kind of thinking. As I looked up into the beautiful sky that morning, the Holy Spirit began to speak to me and clear as day I heard,

“Even though you were wronged, you were responsible for your responses”

WAOW! What a bittersweet moment because I was happy to hear from God but I was also being nicely scolded. That’s when it dawned on me that we enjoy blaming others, when we too have a major part to play. Our responses in situations should never be earthly based or influenced. It should always be heavenly based. Romans 12 : 1 says,

I APPEAL to you therefore, brethren, and beg of you in view of [all] the mercies of God, to make a decisive dedication of your bodies [presenting all your members and faculties] as a living sacrifice, holy (devoted, consecrated) and well pleasing to God, which is your reasonable (rational, intelligent) service and spiritual worship – Romans 12:1 AMPC

When this verse is highlighted we always think about the physical aspect (sexual immorality etc). However, if you look at this version of the verse, it says “members and faculties”. That means everything. The way we move, the things we do and even the way we think (which is where responses are initiated); in the mind. Therefore, coming into alignment of the word, our responses should be heaven based. I know I know, “you dont know how they hurt me, you have no idea what they have done”…. these thoughts must be subdued under Christ. The earlier part of the verse says, that we need to make a “decisive dedication of our bodies”. That means, we are to completely commit (surrender) to God, so that even in the midst of pain, we should reflect Christ. It then comes down to this, we are the ones to blame for our responses in situations. No one made you do it but you. Take responsibility, repent and move on in Christ. Our goal is not to please man but to please God.

– Candace Cudjoe

Matters Of The Heart

But the goal of our instruction is love [which springs] from a pure heart and a good conscience and a sincere faith – 1 TIMOTHY 1:5 AMP  (http://bible.com/1588/1ti.1.5.AMP)

Reading such a profound verse caused my heart to cringe. The word, doing what it does best, cutting asunder, brought about a deep conviction within me. I first wondered if I had genuine love, followed by, what type of heart was it coming from? After receiving mutiple blows from life, one can begin to habour the rejection which springs up bitterness. Pain of any kind is never easy and as such, if you would have ever gone through emotional issues, you will be able to tell, that it can cause you to become a “hater” as it is said.

I am no hater, neither will I ever be, for I refuse to totally succumb to my injuries. However, the multiple blows did have a negative impact on my life and based on the aforementioned verse, I realized that my heart needed to be totally purged. The word of God says in Psalms 24 : 3 – 4,

Who may ascend onto the mountain of the Lord ? And who may stand in His holy place? He who has clean hands and a pure heart….…… PSALM 24:3‭-‬4a AMP

With some deep rooted resentment in my heart for the people who were instrumental in inflicting pain on me,  will I be able to stand in God’s holy place? ABSOLUTELY NOT! My heart first needs to be pure. Does this mean I am not a Christian? NO! Do I not love the Lord? YES I DO! Therefore my heart needs to get into alignment with his word. It’s often easier to give the reasons why we should hold on to unforgiveness, the feeling of rejection, abandonment or ill will but in wanting to please God (because of his power that is able to do exceedingly, abundantly all we can ask or think, once we avail ourselves) it should becomes just as easy to let go. 

The heart is a sacred place and out of it springs the treasure of life, therefore we must guard it (Proverbs 4:23). We must keep it holy at all times for we serve a holy God, who is the searcher of hearts. 

Never allow the matters of the heart, to cause you to sin against God. No one is worth his place. So as you go through today, I pray for you as I pray for myself, that a pure heart of genuine love will be cultivated. Bitterness will dissipate, as forgiveness is a mandate. May we live in the perfect peace that God has created for us, knowing that vengeance belongs to God and he will pay each man accordingly. Hell is real, and after facing “hell” on earth in certain situations, it is imperative that we live right, to receive that blessed place of rest when Christ returns called HEAVEN. Where there will be no more pain but everlasting worship. Think of the joy that is to come and worship God. PRAISE IN THE HAZE.
 – Candace Cudjoe

Hands Extended

I just want to tell you, whosoever you are I love you and I am here for you. My hands are extended to you with love and so if you ever feel like wanting someone to talk to, you can contact me at arisewoman@gmail.com or 1 867 347 1762.

With Gods love I will be more than happy to pray with you and share heart to heart, however I can.

God wants us to be our brothers keeper. So I’ll start by keeping you. On Tuesday everyone celebrated valentines day but where is the love thereafter? Be rest assured, God loves you the full 365 days of the year.

Have a bless day and remember my hands are extended to you.

– Candace Cudjoe

Daily Digest : Nobody Like You

We’ve already made it to the tenth day in the first month of the year 2017. Some may have regrettably fallen back on their new year resolutions and feel like giving up but I am here to remind you of something special.

It is not too late to try again. However, this time, ask the Holy Spirit to assist you and you can be assured that he WILL. For there is NOBODY like the Lord. Pick yourself up in him and try again.

All my bones shall say, “ Lord , who is like You, Delivering the poor from him who is too strong for him, Yes, the poor and the needy from him who plunders him?” – Psalms 35:10 NKJV

Prayer:   Father I thank you for this day that you have made, I will rejoice and be glad in it. I pray for your guidance in performing all my daily duties. Help me to become the person I desire to be and more so who you intend for me to be, in Jesus’s name I pray.

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Daily Digest: Not Like You

This world is filled with millions of individuals who can praise God, yet not one can do it like me neither can I do it like them. It’s amazing just to think that God hears our individual praise. The freqency of my voice is quite different to that of another. I guess the Psalmist David knew that, is why he said:

“What profit is there in my blood, when I go down to the pit? Shall the dust praise thee? shall it declare thy truth? – Psalms 30:9 KJV”

Isn’t it amazing. There would have been others to praise God but not like David. My testimony might be similiar to yours but the time of testing quite different, which in itself brings a unique praise. I admonish you this morning, let no one or nothing stop your praise. The word of God says, He inhabits the praises of his people. God knows and love the frequency of your voice, so praise on. If you feel too overwhelmed to give a praise, know that weeping may endure for the night but joy comes in the morning. Faith it till you make it. 


Do you have a prayer request, send it to arisewoman@gmail.com – We will be happy to pray for you. All prayer request is kept in confidentiality. 

Daily Digest: You Do Not

You, Me, We….. do not determine when and how God will do something and if he will or will not do it. Our mandate is to remain faithful and trust God. Remain faithful and worship. Remain faithful and focus. God sees and knows all things and will do things according to his timing. 

One thing I advise is, DO NOT open your mouth and blaspheme or say things that will grieve the heart of God when you don’t get an answer at the time you would have expected.  Again, God knows best. Such a time will be a time to tap into God and hear what he has to say and understand where he is leading you. 

Don’t give up. Don’t loose hope. Trust in God and he will bring it to pass. I decree and declare over your life in Jesus’s name. You just worship.


Daily Digest: Trust

What is trust? Though there is a formal definition, I would say trust is believing in something that can sometimes be unknown. Why do I say unknown? Let’s look at trusting in God for example. 

The word of God says : 

Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths. – Proverbs 3:5‭-‬6 NKJV
Sometimes however, we have to trust blindly. This I know all too well. Presently I am faced with a situation where all I can do is trust God to bring a solution. However, the situation has no view. You know the little things we would love to see just to make an assessment? THERE IS NONE! I am literally learning to trust the unknown. Knowing that God will not stare me in the wrong direction. This trust test is sometimes difficult because I would like a little info. God,  can I have a little peak? In such a time he would not even say no. There is total silence as he teaches my heart to depend on him. My mom always said “trust him where you can’t trace him” and oh boy I can’t trace him.

If this is you, don’t give up. For through it all he still deserves worship and praise. Remember he is an all sovereign God and his plans are NEVER to hurt us. So trust him, even when you can’t trace him. He will make a way for you. 

For I know the thoughts that I think toward you, saith the Lord , thoughts of peace, and not of evil, to give you an expected end. –Jeremiah 29:11 KJV