Walls of The Unique You

There she is. Yet another day with her head looking high but really down low. Encamped around by four transparent walls, transparent to her but visible to the world. One wall has a pair of big round eyes, the other wall has height that’s unusual to mankind. As she glances the other wall, its covered by hairlike structures with a nappy feel. The last wall completes the clear prison by a mouth possessing a space in the dentures. Incarcerated……. but she wants to be liberated.

These walls are not sound proof and so she hears it all. When they talk, when they laugh, even a whisper now seems like a scream in her ear. The eyes on wall, then begins to drip of a salty liquid known as tears. How can these walls cry? They should not have feelings but they have life which makes them fragile. So as the water gushes down the walls, they crack right down the middle and break into two pieces forming a silhouette of a shattered heart.

As one wall caves in, so does the others. Eventually, she’s consumed and overwhelmed. Sobbing non-stop she screams, “I can’t take this any more”, then crumbles to the floor. The pool of tears on the floor creates a mirrored image of those walls. Yes! They are features of her body.There she sees, big beautiful brown eyes, natural hair that can keep a baby warm, with its wool effect, an elongated body with shape that another would die for and a mouth with a space that can create trouble for a true man. Alas, there is hope.

Filled with power from her unique features, she emerges in glory, ready to face the world. Bagging up the rubble of those walls she holds it with a grip as she steps outside of her prison and smiles to the dawn of a new day. She yells, Alas, I am free. Free to be me. Black and comely. Unique and extraordinary. There is non like me. My hips, my thighs, my curves, my eyes, my hair and the things I wear. Their unusual form of expression is what makes me stand out. I am beautiful, with a tear of joy running down her glowing face. Never will I doubt myself. For I am woman. I am beauty. I am natural. I am purity. Signed the unique you that lives in me.

– Candace Cudjoe (The Ladies Corner)


Literature Review: As humans we are all different but for women the difference can cause contention with our inner being and accepting ourselves becomes difficult. I am a true testimony of this “disease”. Although this poem elaborates on natural women, know that even if you have weaves, perm, extensions etc. the physical you is natural and accept it. Sometimes some of us tries to cover our unique beauty by accessories but that is wrong. Stand up woman! Arise and love yourself for who you are. Not everyday will the world come around to someone like you and that makes you special. So the next time you look in the mirror, speak to yourself and say. I am beautiful. I am woman. I am a natural looker and sorry for those souls hating on my beauty. Declare positives things on your life and see them come to pass.

The pictures below are two young women I admire because of their embrace to their unique features and that they have strength to share it with the world.


4 thoughts on “Walls of The Unique You

  1. great post thanks its so inspirational I love it. Its something I have always said being different, you always stand out, the one inside has more power than what you face on the outside its your difference that the world will admire.

    Thanks for the post really so inspirational keep up the good work.

    • You are most welcome. This blog is designed mainly to empower women. Would love if you either follow my blog or like my Facebook page. Thank you for the support. #theladiescorner

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