Black Women – Enough Of It

History shows that women were always ridiculed and not appreciated for what they’re worth. This is not quite applicable to women such as, Queen Elizabeth of England, Queen Mother Catherine de` Medicis of France, Queen Jeanne d’Albret of Navarre and Mary Queen of Scots. However in reality, women all around the world were considered inferior, less than a man and for the black women less than anything.  We were treated with scant courtesy but were still needed. A slave owner wife could have cook but could not put down a mean meal like a slave woman (Black). They were even used to help dress the slave-owning family. Doesn’t that say something about us black woman? Well let me break it down for you. We are everything a man, business owner or anyone in authority would need.

Fashionistas: Example – The head wrap. Women of slavery were known for their turban made of different types of cloth. The head-wrap was more than a badge of enslavement imposed on female slaves by their owners. It was deemed as an object of oppression from one vantage point but from the other perspective of the slave community, it was a vehicle of empowerment and a memento of freedom. 

Chefs: We eat varieties of delicacies and fine cuisines today but where did they come from? Let’s face the reality, black women were in charge of the kitchen and taught many of the slave master children about food. Hence they and their generations can now be chefs today. 

Doctors: Even though they were not educationally inclined or awarded the opportunity to learn, they invented certain herbal medicines.

Guardians: There homes were destroyed by force and due to cultural oppression, they forgot and lost their sense of family cohesiveness. They however still took good care of the slave masters’ children. Correcting (of course in an indirect way) then when they were wrong. Giving them love when they could not get it from their parents.

Entertainers: When the rich folks had celebrations, it was nothing without the black women dancing and ( black men) playing music.

This list can go on and on. But what I am getting to? Today we have so many excuses as women. We often complain about everything. I don’t have this. I don’t have that. I am prostituting because my mother left me. I hate my father. I hate my life. I hate you. You even hear black women saying they hate their own kind. I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

We often look at the many trials the slave went through and use that as a form of hating. How about flipping the script. Although this is difficult, let’s look at the good in the situation. What’s good about slavery? As a black woman, I’ll say the strength shown by our ancestors surpasses good and is great. They hurt daily but never lost sight of what they wanted. They instilled freedom into their children. Many of them were afraid of the masters but parables worked well and emerging of that came women like Harriet Tubman and Rosa Park. They fought for our freedom. Then why do we refuse to use it? Here we are in an era where, as black women we can educate ourselves and make our presence known.  Yet still, many of us are being mauled by the predators of this world. Every time I turn around, I see a baby black girl filled with child. Why? Why babies? Why? Look at Whoopie Goldberg, Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama they are black sisters also but they made it.

Gone are the days when I listen and accept excuses. I’ve had enough of it. You’ve had enough of it. There is so much more to you than the eyes can see. Laughed at each day, yet still our hair, skin, tone, voice and much more is still envied. If we are worthless, why would people waste time to envy us? It means that they are seeing our true value and feels threatened by our very existence. Look back in history; you will see that the owners were afraid to educate us as black people because they knew if we gained knowledge, we would be a force to reckon with. Ladies, girls where are the fighters? We came from a lineage of fighters. Not just fighters but they conquered. My heart hurts when I see how easy we give up. We’ve had enough of it.

Let us claim it. Let this be our revolutionary time. Many great black sisters and mothers have gone before and are looking down at us. Some of them may turn in their graves to see what they fought for is being revoked. We are no longer captured physically but we’re still being mentally enslaved. That struggle, that fight should have been long gone but we are still carrying baggage. Let it go. There is no other way to say it. You’ve had enough of it. I want to see us smile, shine like the sun, roar like the sea, soar with wings like eagles. We deserve so much better and no one can give us such freedom but ourselves. You need to realize your worth. Look in the mirror and see that greatness that causes people to envy and hate you. Don’t give up. We are great. The bible says: God will not give us more than we can bear and guess what, if God allowed black women to go through that much, it means that he saw from the beginning how powerful we are. He knew that we could have bear that situation. I hope you are seeing, what I’m talking about. Just realizing the greatness in that revelation excites me as a black woman. Sisters, we came from Africa lineage and so that means, there is a Lion inside every one of us. So let’s embrace it and say “I’ve had enough of it” learn from it, overcome it and then explore mother earth. You want to be a singer, actress, doctor, lawyer, hair stylist, nurse, teacher, coach, fire woman, police woman, chef, inventor etc; they say you can’t do it and you’ll amount  to nothing,  show them you can. Show them what you’re made of. Let that lioness out the cage and roar baby girl. Roar!!

Signed. A strong black woman.

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5 thoughts on “Black Women – Enough Of It

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    • Its quite obvious that you are missing the essence of this piece. I am black myself and so I am writing from within. This is not to blame Black Women but to empower them. However I think I need to work a lil harder because you have not been touched as yet. I would love for you to really sit and think. Just as you said “tiredness”, I am tired hearing ill things about black women, seeing them go through hell, still carrying that slave mentally. Of course it won’t be all of them but this piece is for those who need it. I am doing fine and still find myself struggling at times, so I am also speaking to myself. My love for my sisters will only allow me to write things, that can be useful. I guess you missed the real point and had to take it in all the wrong way but until I see change in a drastic way, I will continue to write for my Black Sisters.
      Thank you for your comment tho. 🙂

  2. And your little “Shout out” to Black male musicians, see if you get the same on one of THEIR blogs. Not. They only do that for WHITE/NON-BLACK women. SMDH.

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