The Love Triangle

On February 04th, 2011 a young woman within the age range of 20 – 30 years was murdered in public by her common-law husband’s outside lover. She was stabbed, throat slit and as she fell to ground, the little life she had left was strangled out of her.This made Headline News as it gripped all who heard by surprise. What is this world coming to? What’s next?  I am appealing to women, don’t just feel sorry for her or the family but start looking at what’s going on around you.

A love triangle was never really accepted by women throughout the ages but long ago the main woman was still shown a bit of respect by the outsider. And I reiterate a bit of respect because there are some women who just don’t understand  they are not the main but side chick. I guess as time rolled on and things evolved so did the love triangle. I have never in my life before now, heard of a woman  being fatally injured by a “horner woman” as we call them. It’s due to this, I decided to take the initiative in warning women. Besides the women who are paranoia(s), we all know that women have that intuition and can feel when something “duggy” is going on. Most of the time that gut feeling we get is right. The time has come now when we  have to be even more careful when entering relationships. AIDS is already rampant and raging, so we always have to be mindful of sexual protection and now physical. As a woman when I heard about the gruesome act, I automatically started analysing my significant other. Trying to see if I could have picked up anything there….lol. Of  course I couldn’t and continue to pray and hope he remains faithful to me. However I immediately became fearful for women out there who are in relationships and may not even know there is a third-party. What if it happens to them? What if it happens to you?

There is no other way to avoid anything like this, other than, if you know there is someone else, get to stepping. You may think, I’m the first one and it’s been eight years, so why do I give away what I’ve worked hard for? The answer is, its been eight years for you and not him. Ok! Men will be men and look or possibly flirt but when it comes to respecting their woman and relationship, I don’t care how long it’s been, they should by no means step out of boundary. As I’ve said before, if you know your worth, you definitely won’t settle for that. My parents have been married for twenty-four years and my father was never unfaithful to my mother. How do I know? Let’s just say I dug deep. Also, I saw the way he treated her in public, around the masses. Mind you, my father is a six footer handsome glass of chocolate and so the ladies were always going crazy but he made it very clear who was and still is the boss. That’s a real man right there. A real man always portrays ownership when it comes to his lady. I often try to fathom why some women spend many nights crying, knowing that they are being cheated on and won’t walk away. Is it, that you feel you can’t do any better? Or is it the guys hefty pocket? I hope not because just that you are a woman means that you are powerful and priceless. Any man who has you and still has long eyes for other women, don’t deserve you at all. As “Tyrese” said just “one” is needed.

Ladies, by now you all know what my intentions are. To see you pick up yourself and hold your head high, demanding the respect you deserve. Come to think of it, even in school calculating triangular problems were tedious. That explains it. A triangle is bad….lol.  A love triangle is even worst. Uneasy body, mind and soul are incorporated in this triangle and a restless mind yields insanity. Insanity can lead to death. Unfortunately I don’t have rigid rules of how to find out if your man is cheating or not because we should not be looking for flaws. When you look, you will find. However, if ever you get that feeling and can identify one thing that makes it clear to you, do like “Johnny Walker and keep walking”. Know that, that particular man doesn’t know your worth and one day you will be blessed with one who does. It can be one hour, one day, one month or even one year, don’t ever calculate the length of a relationship over your healthiness. A healthy mind gives way to many other great events. It’s easier said than done because when we love, we love hard. I think though, you should love yourself even harder and that’s where you will find solace. Remember ladies, you don’t need to be tangled in a love triangle because you are worth more than any diamond. Be the smarter person and just walk away. I am sure, you don’t want to end up like the  female mentioned or even be diagnosed with some incurable disease. So do the right thing, knowing that the pain will heal and walk away.

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Love you guys – Candace.


6 thoughts on “The Love Triangle

  1. I have always said that the way men treat women is based upon relationship economics…too many women without any self respect or loyalty for other women equals worse treatment for women overall…until we stick together our value will stay down!

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