Demand Respect

The title might sound a bit “demanding”…lol but it is so vital that we do so everyday, especially as women. As I am writing now, my feet are still shaking from an incident which occurred two hours ago. All of the details will not be added for safety purposes but the it all and end all of this is, always “demand respect”.

I have been faithfully working for a company for eight months. I was promoted by the fourth month to a very high position due to my commitment to the office and growth of the company. Things were and still is a little rough around the edges because we are now re-establishing due to a mishap which occurred before my employment. Hence I was understandable to all happenings at the office. There were times, when my salary would not be assured due to lack of funds and you may say why was she still there. The answer has already been provided, which is my commitment. You would think that this would be seen and appreciated by the owner of the business. Well today I found out, it was not.

It’s carnival time in our country and so from today to Tuesday, most businesses would be closed. My manager, however stated that we will resume work on March 1st, 2012. What? Are you mad? This is without pay. I was a bit saddened but again, knows and understand what the company is going through. I   was on duty all day today. As the time sheet goes fortnightly and we are re-opening on March 1st, it would have only been fair for him to pay me for my six days worked last fortnight and today’s work. Confused? Let me break it down for you. The fortnight consists of ten days; I worked six days last fortnight because I was very ill and was in and out of hospital. Today is the first and last day of the fortnight because of the decision he made.  Don’t you think it would have been fair for him to pay me today? Work resumes on the 1st, so then my next day of payment would have been carded for March 14th, 2012. This was not only done to me but another employee.

I addressed the situation just the way I  explained it in the above paragraph. The way in which he responded to me, made it clear that all the hard work, I have embedded in that company was null and void and possibly unseen. How? I run the office. It rely s on my ability. Right now, I am sad to say that I had to leave. As I said before some of the information cannot be given and to some this would be a rash decision but guess what, I consider this calculated. I felt I was also treated so because I am feminine. Not that he is gender bias but most men don’t like women to bring valid points to their attention. They feel belittled. I told him with all due respect, I refuse to be spoken to that way, treated that way on top of bending over backwards to survive because I am interested in seeing the company grow. This is just one incident I would explain. I had to many so I made it my last.

Ladies times are hard and walking away from a job would not be the best option but please always demand respect. It’s imperative that we set boundaries for ourselves, otherwise people will walk all over us. I know why I was treated that way and that’s why I made it clear, that I am a lady and it doesn’t matter what happens, you respect me and treat me that way. Never make rash decisions. Like I said, my decision was calculated. However, get the respect you deserve. Be it from man, woman or child. I am about to face a new day but I know, I have made it clear. My respect is always due.

Shaken but still standing with my respect.



2 thoughts on “Demand Respect

  1. Sometimes it takes situation like these to accept the disfavor we have been doing ourselves,because in the first place you were too obligated to someone else,s company by accepting those conditions..but i know that out of this you would have gathered another gem…love you and remember when we allow a door to close we are actually broadening our horizons,better things are in store for you hunny!!!

    • Thank you so much. You always know how to make me smile and yes I think God said to me indirectly, You had enough. One thing I know is that I am stronger 🙂

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