Celebrity and Reality – Be You

Well, well, well. I’m sure most of you will be able to figure out, where I’m heading with this by just reading the subject. No! Then let me get to explaining it for you.

Okay. So many of us live in a world where, we talk, sleep, eat and drink celebrities. The gossip; Where they are, who they’re with, what they drink and most of all we  dribble over what they wear. Don’t act like you don’t know what I’m talking about because I can be found guilty of doing this sometimes. However, in following celebrities, we also need to face the reality. We are not them. Complete this sentence (I am _____ put in your name. Eg. I am Candace). Yes, that’s who we are. I can’t be Beyonce, even if I can sing like her. I can’t be Ciara, even if I can dance like her. I can’t be Rihanna, even if my forehead is big like hers….lol (Just being silly). But face it, we can’t be anyone else but ourselves. The daily feeding from media has infested our minds, causing us to have little appreciation for who we really are. How do I know? Check out YouTube.

I was searching for some music this morning and came across a video (Rihanna Bleaching Cream is Revealed. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YORYOjzfOPA ). So I opened it out of curiosity and to my surprise, it was not an ad for a specific cream but the caption in the video read:

Do you want to lighten your skin? Want to use what the celebrities are using? Sick and tired of fake products? Visit whiten-my-skin.com ” With pictures of the before and after of rihanna, lil kim and a couple other celebrities.

Really? So let’s just say these celebrities really use these creams, I guess the question I should ask is, “Do you want to be fake like the celebrities?” (NB: Anything to alter you is fake. There is nothing like a natural bleacher. ) I am not saying they did, because You Tube can be misguiding at times but on the real topic, we need to start appreciating ourselves and the facts. You are no celebrity until you have worked your way into that strata. Yes, there are the celebrities like Paris Hilton who walked into riches but most of them had to work hard and beat a lot of odds to get there. When we see the lavish lifestyle they live, we prefer live in a care and buy the shoes and clothes just to be considered in that class. I’m not going to disregard that peer pressure also pushes us to that kind of behaviour but as I said in my past blog, Be a leader and not a follower. I grew up wearing ‘hand me downs”. Want to know what that is? That’s clothes worn by people before. I had two pairs of shoes and had to be contented with that. Today I have shoes, to give away, more clothes than one wardrobe. Yup. I worked hard, saved and bought piece by piece.

We are so wrapped up in the “celebrity world” that it can push us to do things we would regret in the future. I read articles about women, who wanted the “high lifestyle’ and resulted to prostituting, drugs and even loosing their lives in a stupid way. What? 50 cent said “Get rich or die trying”. Do you see him forcing to be you? No. He is 50. He learned the hard way to live right. His luck may not be yours. So don’t even bother to live by that slogan. How about creating a positive one for yourself. Like “Even if I die today, I know I died doing my best to succeed in honour”. You know, sum like that. Forcing to step out of reality and be a “wanna be celebrity” can also, give you an STD. Ah! You didn’t think about that huh? They are on the increase and so should your level of alertness and protection be.

I can write from now till Christ comes, you need to start understanding who you are now. Get this, maybe if you stick to being you, your dream of becoming a celebrity will actually happen faster. Don’t think they are not looking. Ask all the people like Justin Bieber who got noticed by a video or some social network. Even on Rodeo drive where many of the fakers, like to try shopping and I meant try.  Celebrities are looking, so you should be on “your best behaviour” and not theirs. The worst thing is to be an imitator. You are actually saying, you have no identity. Being a celebrity is great but always embrace the reality of life and don’t get knock down by the effects of trying to be fake.

BE YOU. Love you all. Candace.


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