Be Careful to the World of People

Did you see her? OMG!!! She is so frigging huge. I wonder what size her jeans are?…lol. I hate fat people. Fat people are so disgusting. Skinny girls suck. She is sooooo black. She is sooooo pale. Look at her hair. Look at her teeth. Look at them eyes. Scary. Etc. You see where I’m heading.

Does these statements seem familiar to you? If not by words, then good girl. If by words, then don’t stop reading. This blog is for everyone but especially you, people attackers. Being in the hustle and bustle to and from work  everyday, I meet all types of people. Differing in colour, size, height; you know, physical features. I admire it. It’s just nice living in a cosmopolitan country. What I dislike are the comments I hear and the responses I see. Although it’s dished out to all types of people, fat men and women get it and tall women get it. Guess all tall males are loved… This really hurts me though. Not because I am 6″ (six feet) but because I am human. I love my height and so I really don’t care what people say. I am beautiful. What about the people who don’t have that confidence? What are you doing to them, when you point, stare, laugh, roll your eyes and call names. Destroying them further, that’s what.

I grew up in a home where my dad was like a match stick and my mom like an air balloon. Yup. My home was diverse. I loved them both. However, I won’t deny, I was ashamed of my mom at times. Why? Because as a child, all I saw from society was hate. No excuses but it’s the truth. If you experienced it, then you would know what I’m talking about. It was hard for me but as I matured I didn’t give a crap because God knew why that particular person was in my life. People would often stare them down and laugh, asking questions like”Who goes on top?” aloud. What people fail to realize is, the same person you laugh at can be your life saver some day. Also, you can never tell, what your physical outcome would be. I saw an article in our local newspaper of a beautiful woman who got into an accident and her beauty of a face was gone. I am not saying, she use to heckle people. I don’t know her. What I know is, she never saw that coming and that can be you.

Which brings me back to an incident which occurred when I was about fifteen. My mom and I were heading to church that beautiful afternoon. It was so perfect. We were sharing jokes and just excited to go to worship. All that changed for me when I entered a maxi taxi. I know my mom felt it to but she put on this tough skin for me to see. As we sat down, the maxi rocked a little and two women in the back, one who was supposed to be my mother’s friend, started laughing and talking about my mom’s “fatness”. I got mad and my mom said, “Don’t worry, they have not lived out their whole life yet.’ Don’t worry.” I was so mad, who cares about their whole life. They are hurting us now. Those were my thoughts. Guess she knew what she was saying. It’s now eight years later and I recently saw these two women. I know this blog is against name calling but OMG they were huge. It’s only then I understood what my mom meant. Instead of laughing it struck me hard. Don’t make fun of people. This is something I was guilty of in high school and a bit after. They were still living their lives but they now had to deal with the pressures of being laughed at.

In talking to my mom about it, she told me, of another incident which she experienced. She was coming home from the grocery one day and while approaching a taxi, which is for public use, the driver said, Sorry you are too fat. I still try to comprehend because my mom was not as huge as they made it sound. That day in particular she was embarrassed because other people were present. She said to him, “So will you one day.” About seven years later, my mother was much smaller, since she decided to go on a diet and live a healthy lifestyle. He was the only car on the stand and when he saw her coming, not recognizing who she was, “He said, Mam you going?” She responded: “I’m not too fat?” He was gripped with guilt and shame. Not only for what he did but because he was also really fat. He blew up in seven years.

This can be you. It is done to thin people., tall people, black people, white people everyday. Even the homeless are treated with scant courtesy because they are homeless. Think about the repercussions of your actions before you do it. I am saying you but I am speaking to myself also. Sometimes we do things and don’t think of the outcome. I read a novel once about a girl who was mean to an old man on the bus and upon going to her interview , the old man was the owner of the company. Off course the job was not hers. It’s simply because she was not nice to the people of the world. God created each and everyone of us. We differ but that’s what makes life so interesting. The diversity and variety of people, places to go, things to do and learn.

We all share one red blood. So when you laugh and make fun at him, you are doing it to you. Please don’t let that idiotic and ignorant behaviour come from you. Lets be life changers; only in a good way. Try to make at least one person smile for the day. Then daily try to increase your numbers. When you place a smile on other faces, your heart is naturally lit with joy, peace and happiness.

Love you all. Candace


6 thoughts on “Be Careful to the World of People

  1. This is an awesome story that a lot of people even myself in my younger years have done and not even realized how it makes the other person feels or the people around them feel. I’ve always been a thick girl so i got some of the jokes as well but shrugged them off because i have thick skin to things, and because i was healthy i dance, high stepped I’ve done it all i was just built thicker, but now i look at women and find positive things in them, from their hair, make- up, clothes, shoes etc. I believe we as women need to come together more no matter what race, size,facial features, or height. We have more important things to discuss and worry about!

  2. This is so beautifully written. Very true. I remember an incident when I was in High School. I was on the bus headed home, and this girl was sitting in the seat across from me. She asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?” I said, “Yes, why?” She proceeded with another question; “Is he claiming you? Cause you are ugly”. I just rolled my eyes, turned my head, and ignored her. Mind you, she was no beauty queen herself. As a matter of fact, I know I had bucked teeth in High School, but she had a gap between hers and a funny shaped head. If you were to see some of my High School photos and compare them to some of my photos now, then you’d agree that this “ugly duckling” blossomed into a beautiful Swan. Although I was a teenager still growing into my beauty, I knew I was much more than those harsh, mean words spoken by the girl on the bus. I was beautiful in my own way, inside and out.

    Also, I can remember on several occasions, many Pastors saying: “Be careful how you treat people, because you never know when you’re accompanying Angels”. I’ve always tried to treat people with dignity and respect; not only because that’s how I want to be treated, but because it’s within me, and it’s how I was taught.

    You are so very right about that next person being any of us. People don’t take the time to think before they speak or act. Take the time to think about that homeless person they’re shunning away or criticizing. Everyone has a story, and before anyone judges the next homeless person, ask yourself these questions: “What’s his/her story? How did he/she end up homeless?”

    • So true. I have a gap in my teeth though…….lol But I consider it one of my unique beauty. Forget the negatives and continue to blossom. You are never finish blossoming until your petals die (death). Success and growth has no boundaries. 🙂

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