Drama Queens

Drama queens! Where to begin? I don’t even know. Too much drama around a person, leaves others confuse. Today I was taking in the “Bill Cunningham Show” and there were some drama queens. I paid close attention to their mannerisms and behavioural pattens. Three different women but all common in one thing; Drama. I happen to know some drama queens myself and so I can safely say, being a drama queen will leave you on a throne all alone without a crown.

I am sure some of you reading this blog have been called a drama queen or know a couple of them yourselves. The one thing I know about them, is that people prefer not  to be in their presence. In paying close attention to the women on the show and the few I know, it was revealed to me that most drama queens are lacking something, that would make them into a beautiful woman. They are attention seekers and people only seek attention when they feel empty, not wanted and insignificant. What they try to do, is pass their emotion unto others. If they are not happy, the rest of the world would feel their fury and obviously, people will get annoyed making they themselves unhappy. It’s a mind game cycle. You see girls in the streets,stores or even in your home, speaking out loud, throwing “girltrums”, acting like it’s either their way or no way; I say they are performing the brain drain act. By the time they are through with you, you’ll be empty. Sucked and dry. That’s exactly what people who want to be known do. Get your attention in whatever form they can. The world revolves around them or so they think.

If this is you, what you don’t know, is you are heading down a dead-end road. If you don’t change now, by the time you realize, it would be too late. The world would have already gone and leave you behind. As I’ve said in many blogs before, it’s great to analyse yourself. Also if too many people acknowledges the same thing wrong with you, then, that should be a hint and head start to you changing. You want to be known, loved, feel significant, then start practising it on yourself first. What you feed yourself is the same thing people will feed you. So, if you hate yourself and consider yourself worthless, then that’s exactly how society would see and treat you.


I had a friend who always ran hot and cold in the friendship. I thought that was her personality and didn’t really take it on. Yes, she was a drama queen but I could not see what was wrong with it. She was just boisterous, that’s what I thought. Years went by and I went through a lot of painful issues, which I all consider “eye openers”. My eyes were really open because it’s only then I realize, the times she was happy, were when things were going her way. Many of those times, I was not happy. Times were tough but she sure didn’t care. She was actually socking from the dry (me). To this day, she has not found a real home in a friendship because it’s all about her. Until she realizes her weakness, that’s the way it will continue to be. Thank God he delivered me from those situations and those people.

There is no greater love than self-love. When you love yourself, the world does not get easier but it seems that way because dealing with circumstances will be done with an ease. Don’t be confused by loving yourself and being all about you. One is selfishness (it’s all about you and only you) and the other is a form of growth and appreciation. I am not perfect and have my defects that I daily try to work on but I am telling you, if you are a drama queen, today is the day to change your ways. Maybe you are not a drama queen but you have some of the traits, today is still your day to start the change. Observe how people operate and around you and listen carefully to some of their thoughts expressed aloud about’ then classify yourself. Life is hard. The world is hard. The combat to all that is to love and respect yourself hard. Rome was not built in a day and so evolving from a drama queen to just a queen would take time. However, I am sure when your effort is seen, it would be appreciated and people would meet you more than half the way. Believe it or not, most drama queens, ends up with a “douche bag” for a man, sometimes children with no father and a forever broken heart and broken home. Remember my blog “Opposite Attracts?”, it explains it. When you are empty, you associate yourself with empty vessels as well. So all the drama queens out there, wake up baby girl, smell the coffee and start afresh. You are never too old to start over. That’s my motto. Get your self-love on and STOP being a DRAMA QUEEN. You are too good for that. All of you – (Me to). 🙂

Love all of you – Candace.

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6 thoughts on “Drama Queens

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  2. Totally agree with your ideas about self-love and staying away from toxic people (who may or may not intentionally manifest their need for attention and projection on others). Keep true to who you are no matter who criticizes you (remember Dale Carnegie’s famous phrase: no one kicks a dead dog!!!)

    Keep blogging – if people don’t like what you write, smile and realize that you hit a nerve (and that is GOOOD!) The only acceptance you need is yourself, and I agree with avoiding drama queens. (I sometimes call them divas and did a blog post a few weeks back about them too…)


  3. I absolutely agree with Carol…continue being a blessing to women worldwide. I love this piece because it talks about refinement, a refinement that we all need….

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