Music is Life….. But Wait….!!!

For most of the world’s population, music is life, inspiration and a breath of fresh air. Many of us use music to get things completed and I say this with a very wide scope of events in mind. We work to music and we also KILL to music. Thinking now?  On my way to work this morning, I was listening to the morning program which was so informative and enjoying until they played a song by well-known Reggae/Dancehall artiste “Beenie Man”. The name of  the song I’m not sure about but the lyrics caught my attention and really upset my spirit. What life would that music give.

Content of song:  Beenie Man was boldly saying to women in the song, he don’t care if they have a man. If they have one, horn him or if they have a husband, divorce him. He went on to talk about what he will do to the woman.

What a message to give to a society who has seen an increase in immorality and violence. I am not putting all the blame on music for the falling of bodies, striping of clothes and the rising of no values but lets face the truth, it has a part to play. Growing up, I never saw people walking through the streets with headsets as I do now. Everyone has a headphone plunged in their ears. So the music is settling in their brains and then the actions follow. People listen, process and act on lyrics. So why do musicians send these negatives messages? I wish they didn’t but we have no control over them. However we do have control over ourselves and I am speaking to women specifically from here on.

As much as a man will act on lyrical content, many of those same men despise a woman who degrades herself in doing the same. There are songs I’ve heard asking women to behave “wotless” as we say and the way these women would carry on, makes me feel a-shame to be a woman. That should not be. Ladies I am actually pleading to you, to keep your morals and value levels high . I am not saying to be an upstart but let a man fall for your inner beauty. Do not swallow lyrical content and order your life by such. You are more valuable than that. Trust me, I was one of them and it attracts the wrong crowd. I consider myself blessed because my face could have been disfigured from letting music take over me negatively. The life it gave to me was one of “badness”. No I was not a “baddest” but I was almost there.

Be selective to music and don’t let anyone look at you different when you do. Music can either help bring life into this world or it can help take lives. Let the music you listen to uplift and build you as a person as oppose to degrade you mentally and potentially physically. So the next time you in the club and you hear “Wey meh ladies… Pat yuh pu**y and call yuh man name” or “strip clubs and dollar signs” (hope I got that one right) as the song says, don’t embrace it. No you are not being boring but having standards.

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2 thoughts on “Music is Life….. But Wait….!!!

  1. I totally agree with what you’re saying. When I was younger (In my teens & early 20’s), I used to listen to such degrading music; but over time, I grew up. I’ve always loved music, but grew to love and appreciate the lyrics just as much as the beat behind it, sometimes more. Now that I’m in my 30’s, I pay more attention to the lyrics of the songs, the message the artist is trying to convey, as well as the visual images within the videos. Watching some of these videos nowadays, there’s so much demonic influence it’s just terrible. So, now, I don’t even support certain musical artists who I know are under such demonic influence. If you have any type of relationship with God, then the Holy Spirit should reveal or show what’s not right.

    There is so much negatiivity, nudity, & profanity within todays music, I have to monitor what I watch and listen to. What you speak of in this blog is one of the exact reasons why I no longer listen to today’s Rap music (They’ve foolishly confused Rap with Hip-Hop, as NOT all Rap music is considered Hip-Hop. There’s a difference). Rap or Hip-Hop music back in the day (70’s & 80’s) was more about Social consciousness & elevating people’s awareness or inspiring, but somewhere along the way, it has become so distorted. I personally believe it started with 2 Live Crew (Luke Campbell) & their blatent disrespect for women in their lyrics and videos.

    Life and death truly is in the power of the tongue, and until artists and consumers realize that, this world will continue on the path of destruction.

    ~ Kiseler R. Brumfield

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    Today I feel the urge to touch on music. If people only knows how powerful music is, they would change their entire selection to one that feeds the life they want for themselves.

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