Peeling the Skin

As a young woman growing I lacked confidence for certain aspects of my life. Some people may think this is not possible and that once you lack confidence, you lack it entirely. I don’t think that was the case for me. I knew I could have done it in some cases and others I flopped. However as I got older, fortunately for me, my confidence level grew to a point where some people thought of me as “cocky” (NO WAY). I was meditating recently and I added words to a popular saying which is “Knowledge is power”. I now live by “Knowledge is power but confidence is the ammunition to conquer”. Why say that? After having the opportunity to work in different environments, I realized that even though you may be the bearer of the entire alphabet behind your name, once you lack confidence, people will merely recognize and acknowledge you in the manner you suppose to be acknowledge. I am sure many of you have heard stories of people failing to rise because of low self-esteem and confidence.

By now you may be asking, “What that has to do with Peeling The Skin”. After enough pondering, I have come to the realization and I am sure you all will agree that, there is a difference between having confidence and being conceited. Confidence owns an A+; Being conceited owns a F or maybe even an U for ungraded.  There is no love like self love. To me, the most romantic person on earth is the one who knows to love themselves. However, there is a big buzzer going off when you operate like if the world revolves around you. As educated as you might be, I can tell you from experience, employers adores confidence but will easily fire a conceited person. Puzzled? Conceited people are so into themselves, they often forget the essence of other important things and pay it little or no interest. This eventually causes problems that can affect the company in a negative way.

Consider a fruit. Although a fruit is considered “dead” to what is life for us, it can teach us something very pertinent. Not all fruits are nice on the outside. Some are smooth but some have the most rough and patched looking skin. However the “ugly” skin fruits are usually the best tasting. The quality of these fruits cannot be compared with that of the smooth, silky looking fruits. Think about it. The true substance of the fruit comes from within. The skin is just a protective layer. That’s exactly how we should be. Although we are all externally beautiful in our unique ways, true beauty comes from within. Hence my reason for the subject “Peeling the Skin”. Never build your house on sinking sand, the external. God forbids but what if you got into a serious accident and disfigured your face or body or even attain a skin disease. What will you be left with? Ever stop to think about that? If no, please do. There is much more to life than that beautiful face or best body shape.

To the upcoming women of this world and even the existing ones, I can tell you as a woman, it is not easy in life when you don’t have an identity. Knowing who you are and what you stand for is half of the work done in your life. Although we can’t peel the skin physically, it can be done mentally. You my dear who thinks your skin or external beauty is the highway to success, review it because it will only get you so far. Underneath that skin, inside the soul is the true substance of who you are. If I am talking about you now, then my advice is to start peeling the skin and let people see your true beauty and appreciate you for who you really are. I can assure you to expect a booster in your spirit when you try it. You will feel more worth and full of purpose. I am not saying to open yourself to “blows” or “licks” but you will be more respected when you claim your true identity, all of which can be done by “Peeling the Skin”.

Reminder: Remember you are the head and not the tail and when God created he saw virtue in you from birth. There is more to you than the eyes. Like my Facebook page, follow me twitter and share, share, share. Love you all – Candace.


2 thoughts on “Peeling the Skin

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    It’s Monday Morning; the beginning of the work week. Some might be off to their jobs while others are off looking for a job. Whichever it is, “Remember you are the head and not the tail and when God created he saw virtue in you from birth. There is more to you than the eyes”. So walk with confidence in Christ knowing that you are able to do great things and overcome great challenges. Have a bless day and week by extension.

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