Finding Answers.

Answers is something we always need because we always ask questions. There is not a day that passes without us asking out loud or internally and logically speaking, they are  integral in decision-making. People who ask a lot of questions are usually jeered at or called names because to others, they are “to fass” as we say in Trinidad or maybe people feel threatened by their level of curiosity. I ask many questions myself and I learnt to do that the hard way. I was battered (not physically) because of my lack of interest to know more. I was the type of person who would hear and say OK, believing all that was handed to me. To my greatest surprise, I was often dealt a hand of lies and got caught in a web that would eventually hurt me. As I am getting older, what I am realizing is, I got into a web because of where I seek my answers.

Let me say that you don’t  have to be the most religious or spiritual person to understand and try what I am about to explain. It’s logical and even though scientist may try to refute it, they can’t deny that there is a positive force existing in the world and for me I know that positive force is the Holy Spirit. Often times we go through situations where questions arises and we dig to get answers because we want to be seen in the light. Especially those situations where your character is being tampered with, you get into a deep search mode to give answers. The danger in getting answers as I said before is the source. Stop and think for a while, where you might have gotten answers for certain situations and the outcome of these situations, as you better try to understand what I am saying. When we get tossed by a storm, we usually turn to friends, family, co-workers, strangers and people in general for answers. You can be how private, everyone has someone they confide in and as my mother says, that person also has someone they confide in and the chain goes on. It eventually begins to form a web. A web of news, lies, addition and subtraction to the real issue at hand.  These people identified are known as the source. Confused? Why do we talk to people during these times? Why do we communicate in general? It’s because we want feedback and we learn from interacting. Unfortunately, due to the human nature, many of us as women rejoices when a sister is down. We would call up the other girlfriend and have a feast of laughter on the other persons pains. We would then go back and pretend to give advice and from my analysis, we often give advice in a direction where “WE” wants the person life to go. So, if you are jealous of the person’s relationship and they come to you for advice because of a problem, the first thing you would say is “walk away”. Interesting huh? Yes! Even I was astonished when it was revealed to me. The  pain that is there is then increased by additional pain. Not all women are like this, so don’t be offended if this is not you.

After much personal encounter, I am here to tell you, the answer is in God, in Christ Jesus. There was a point in my life, where everything was crumbling all at once and I was praying but to me, I was not being answered. So I started to question if there was a God. Ouch!! So did you right? I know. I could not understand why God would say to come to him and then not hear me. Truth is, he always hears us. However he answers in a time when he knows would be effective and glorious. So what we need most times, is patience. As the bible says.. By your steadfastness and patient endurance you shall win the true life of your souls. Luke 21: 19 Man(human) will tell you all sorts of things but our mind is nowhere close to the intellect of God the Father and so we should lock into that source for ALL answers. It is so biblically clear “Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.” (Matthew 7:7). Self explanatory. As I said earlier you don’t have to be a preacher to receive the effects of these words. All you have to do is talk to God and allow him to answer. This source is where you won’t only get answers but also find rest and comfort for your soul. Maybe I am talking to you now. You may be looking for answers and thinking about calling that friend up, to ask them what to do. I am here to tell you, talk to God first. With the level of love, he has for us, he will only direct us right and structure things in our lives, the RIGHT way. I am not saying to ignore people because I believe there was a purpose for God putting us all on this earth and not making us hermits. What I am vehemently saying is, BEFORE you seek MAN, SEEK GOD. I can assure you, won’t regret it. He is a God that does not lie, neither disclose your secret. So put your entire trust in him and allow him to work for you.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. No weapon formed against you shall prosper and you have joy unspeakable because Christ lives in you. Like my Facebook page, Follow me on twitter and share, share, share. Love you all. Candace.


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    Life Reminder: BEFORE you seek MAN, SEEK GOD. He is a God that does not lie, neither disclose your secret. So put your entire trust in him and allow him to work for you

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