The Right Thing; The Wrong Feeling

My pains hook me, Arching my back because I am weak

I keep stumbling every time I walk because my feet are too weak

My head is like a highway, Busy and wild

It’s in time like this, I wish I was a little child


Is this what adulthood  feels like?

Do every adult go through this plight

The reality of the situation has taken its effect

Bringing about a decision that may cause deepest regret


Laden with load, my heart dips to the ground

Maybe this is how Jesus felt when he was wearing that crown

The feeling of nails piercing through my heart

Sitting in tears because of fear which I want to depart


All in all the decision was made and it is right

So why am I feeling so wrong, why is my heart so heavy and tight

I know that God would be pleased with me

After all, it should be all about him and less of me.


How could doing the right be so hard

Giving me a pain that I never had

It’s simply a mystery  and you maybe agreeing

That, with the heart involved, doing the right thing, gives the wrong feeling.



2 thoughts on “The Right Thing; The Wrong Feeling

  1. Interesting expression of hurt. I cannot say that I do not identify with the emotion of the situation. It is sort of like when you discover something about your husband/wife that goes right to the core of you. Or, when you finally realize that you are getting a divorce. Yeah, these are the sentiments.

  2. Reblogged this on Arise Woman and commented:

    A short poem to express something I felt in that season of my life, which happens to have come right back around in another situation.

    doing the right thing, gives the wrong feeling.

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