Sinking With The Insecurity Ship

Today I want to be a little different. I would like to hear from you. You be my teacher today; I am all ears. As my last couple blogs dealt with certain level of insecurities, I thought, I would stick to that topic a bit and get some feedback. We as women should be each other supporters and we can only do so by sharing>listening>giving feedback. Maybe you were insecure about something and got over it. I would like you to share your insecurity experience/story with me.  Maybe you are in the midst of your insecurity. Feeling like you are being engulfed by your own personal flame. Share that feeling with me. It is in sharing, we can help each other, rectify our inner, personal issues. No man is an island, so we need each other. If you wish not to write in the comment box for privacy reasons, you can email me at I guarantee you, it is private and confidential.

Please share with me/us your stories of your battle with insecurities and how you find/found yourself sinking with this ship.

Reminder: Remember you are the head and not the tail. The first and not the last. You are wonderfully and beautifully made by God. Much love – Candace


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