Release the Beast

What is your definition of a beast? To me, a beast is someone with an atrocious attitude or something ugly, not of a nice quality. Desperate measures would always be taken to have it removed but why? Why get rid of the beast?Danger! Harmful! Look at the story of the”Beauty and the Beast”. The entire village wanted to kill him because he was an ugly creature and they felt threatened by his presence. You may have liked the outcome of the story but did you however dig deeper and found true meaning? Let me tell you what I gathered. The Beast was once a man just like us but due to a “deadly” spell, his body was transformed into this God forbidden creature and so did everyone around (close to) him transform. “He” was still there but the external showed him as gone(men considered him gone). Due to the look of his outer shell, “He” got angry and became violent. “He” was so emotionally diminished that the slightest thing aggravated him. As I stated before “He” was still there so he  had emotional experiences; one of that being love. This beautiful maiden caught his eyes and heart but the “Beast” refrained him from truly expressing himself and being accepted. It was the queer objects around him who coached him and brought emotions of a “real” man.  In that, he started to the”Release the Beast”. Get it yet? As time when on, he became more and more humble, “re-learning” the ways of a man in his beastly garments or being. Just on the verge of conquering and totally destroying the beast , he was attacked and almost fell back into the trap of personal incarceration. There was a difference this time. There was someone and somethings who knew “him” and stood up for him, not the beast. With their help he was able to conquer his demon, fall in genuine love and “Release the Beast”. Still don’t understand?

Let me explain. As humans, we often  get knocked over at unexpected times and because of “deadly” spells. These situations causes us to become “The Beast” (something we’re not). We reject people and fuss about everything. We also live in rejection because we don’t like what we see in the mirror. For many of us, there would be that one person in our lives who would hold our hands to carry us through. For others it’s the queer things existing that causes us to see and know our worth. Ever heard people say ” I thought things was bad with me until I met …… “. Yes! It’s that queer moment or experience that would help push us one step forward. I was also able to understand, that behind “The Beast” is worth and great value. This value will however be seen and expressed when the beastly nature is gone. So you may find yourself in a predicament and feels overwhelmed because of lack of solution/s. I want you to know, what lies beneath that problem is victory, power, favour and a success story. All these are hidden and will only be revealed when you…… Release (finish it). Wondering what is the Beast. The Beast is all the thoughts holding you back. The hurt, the un-forgiveness, the hate and malice, evil wishes for people’s life and the list goes on. In a nut shell the Beast is the element of negativity you abide by. Just like beast the character, you too need to allow yourself to let things go and experience the truth of life. When we acknowledge our faults and are  willing to work on it, then and only then will people be more likely to help us.

So the next time you go to complain, search yourself first to see if you are carry the Beast and try to release it. You may not have time to complain after realizing the real problem (you) and working on it.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Release the Beast and taste a new life. Like my Facebook page, follow me on twitter and share. Much love. – Candace


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