Less Waving of The Red Flag………

If you are a party goer and by extension a ” Trini”, you will definitely look at my title and say, “She Mad. I love to wave my flag, especially the red ones( I patriotic)”. However, if you love to wave the red flag, I am speaking about, then you are heading down the road that leads to the “hot spring”. We were blessed with a mouth and in our mouth, lies a little red flag that can cause an overflow of good and evil; sweet and bitter. This red flag is the gracious tongue. Yes! The tongue. Today I decided to read up on the human tongue and I was amazed with the features and their specific functions. Firstly, each feature has its specific position and is arranged orderly. Contrary to how the tongue is used, right. 🙂 When it came to the taste buds, I was even more amazed. As most of you would know, we possess taste buds for salt, sweet, sour and bitter. However, the arrangement of the specific taste buds, yanked on my funny bone, causing me to laugh. Wondering why? The bitter taste buds are situated at the back, the sour on the sides and some salty are on the sides also. The sweet taste buds though are situated at the tip of the tongue. At the front of the tongue. It leads the way, yet that little red flag, squirts out a lot of words, I would say, comes from the back. The bitter puddle. What does all this have to do with my title right?

Let me explain. When God created us with the tongue, he did not once have the idea of us using the tongue for anything other than praise apart from the biological use. Praise is something sanctimonious and pleasing to him. However, man lost the understanding of why we came here and began using the tongue for all other reasons, than its ideal purpose. Now more than ever before, we use our tongues to create stories (lies), confusion and even cause people their lives. Come on people. It’s about time we stop waving that red flag free “contarge” as my parents says. Tell me, what satisfaction do you get from bashing people? Do you feel accomplished when you dismember people’s life (not literally) by the things you say? I have heard stories and seen documentaries where people of all age groups kill themselves because of torment from the tongue. When we open our mouths, we should be speaking life, peace, wisdom or anything good. Outside of that, we are just waving your red flag recklessly. The time we spend chattering, we should spend listening. Most of the garrulous people I know are empty vessels and always ends up in trouble. Trust me, I know because I was one. Yes, I was one. I use to eat, sleep and drink talk. I found it funny but as I got older I realized it’s danger. It is even stated in James chp 1 “Be quick to listen and slow to speak”. God just knew what was coming, so  he set the standard first.

My appeal to you all the readers of this blog; start being more attentive and listen. As my “boo” says, listen, analyse then respond. When you do this, you learn more and believe it or not, save yourself from the explanation of something scandalous. Wave that little red flag less and allow people to love you genuinely. Why say that? Many people talk thinking it will draw people to them or get them into a particular circle. NO WAY. You either get in the wrong circle or push people away entirely. So say less, hear more and grow.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tale, above and not under. Like my Facebook page, follow me on twitter and share, share, share. Much Love – Candace.


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