The Mirror Effect Life

A mirror is a very important thing in any woman’s life. The completion to our look is a last view in the mirror. We don’t feel finished if we don’t look in the mirror and love the reflection we see. I think the only women who don’t rely on mirrors are those who have made a decision (spiritual – e.g. nuns) not to use it. Some men are also great lovers of the mirror. I call them “the pretty boy floyds” (lol). Mirrors were just another piece of household item to me until recently. God spoke to me using one of the things I love and boy did it hit me hard. It was the best revelation I’ve gotten since my rekindled walk with God. I decided to share this with you all because I believe this is what God desires from us.

The week of June 10th – 16th, 2012 I was privileged to get a “random holiday” from the office. Initially my plan was to relax and sleep, watch movies and repeat that routine until it was time to organize for the next days work. However God had another plan. He decided to minister to me. While lying on my bed, I started asking God what exactly he requires of me. My exact words were: “God what do you what from me? What must I do for you?” The answer I got almost instantly was just one word, “Reflection”. I was a bit confused and started pondering on the word. Then again he started speaking to my spirit about mirrors. When it was totally revealed to me, I could not help myself. I was brought to tears, got up and sat in a corner of the room, crying and praying to God to be just like what he showed me.  I was just so overwhelmed with what he revealed to me. It is written in the bible, we are all blessed with particular gifts and talents but what God said was, he wants to see his reflection when he looks at us.

Revelation: Mirrors are usually used to see reflections. Mirrors that are not used and never cleaned (purified) eventually get dirty and almost opaque. Seeing things in them becomes impossible and they are no longer good for use. However a clean mirror usually gives a clear image of what is standing before it. When you look into a mirror, you see yourself inside the mirror looking back at you. When I look at you, I must see myself inside of you looking back at me. I must see my glory hitting me back in my face.That will please my heart. That is mainly what I require from you.

I was totally amazed by this revelation. All my years of using mirrors, it never showed to be so significant to me. God wants us to be clean mirrors here on earth, reflecting his glory so that others can see. So even if you are a singer, musician or even janitor, what you do should reflect God. It makes no sense singing out loud and proud or dancing the best routine and not reflecting God. That will not satisfy his heart. When he looks at us and sees himself that’s when he will be satisfied. Maybe you are battling with your purpose. You long to know what God requires from you. I have no definite answer to that question but what I can say is, just be a reflection of him. How do you do that? By spending time with him and studying his ways. Who knows! Maybe when you do that, the answer that you are looking for will come. As I always say, it is easier said than done, so what we should do is live it day-to-day. Each day ask God to examine you and continue to cleanse you, so that when he looks down at you, he can see his reflection. Strive to live the “Mirror Effect” life.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Like my Facebook page, follow my blog, follow me on twitter and share, share, share. Much Love – Candace.


9 thoughts on “The Mirror Effect Life

  1. Beautifully put, Candace. What a thought-provoking revelation. What you wrote makes me think about James 1:22-25, and how God doesn’t want us to be like the man who looks at himself in the mirror, walks away & forgets who he is. Our mirror is God’s perfect law of liberty. When we obey God’s commandments, we’re doers of His Word, & we begin to look more and more like Jesus. I love this post! Thanks for sharing & God bless you!

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