I Wonder………Not

This piece is sure to help change your vision and mindset.

Arise Woman

Today is one of those days when everything came down on me. Although it is Sunday, earlier I was overwhelmed and consumed with the many issues I am facing along with the “buts’, ‘what if’ and the “I wonders”. I could not contain myself and broke down into tears and hysteria. Attempts from my mom to talk to me was a failure because of the deep pain and emotion. I was however reminded by someone how much I encouraged their soul and to keep my eyes on God and not my problems. One of my main problem was wondering what people think about me or what they will think about me when I stand up to proclaim Christ. Don’t understand? Let me explain.

I grew up in a christian home, where my mom was and still is a deaconess and my dad a pastor. Church was all I know but I fell away…

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