Be Specific

I rushed into the office this morning because I could not hold it in. I was adamant to share this with you all. “Being specific brings realistic events”. It has not been twenty-four hours (1 day) and my specific words has made way into life; into reality. Hence I am so excited. Why won’t I be? Won’t you be if this happened to you? Without a shadow of a doubt, you would. Then, experience it by starting with STEP 1 – Be Specific. 

As I have shared with you all in my last post, I had a lot of events happening in my life “trying” to make it cumbersome. Reason I say trying because I refuse to claim stress and problems. After praying and seeking God face, I felt better and between then to now, his grace, mercy and favour has followed. With the increase in technology, I was able to download a particular bible on my phone. This bible has study plans to help in the drawing close to God process. It needs internet to operate and last night my internet just decided it’s not going to work. I was so excited to reach and read my nightly devotions. I tried everything to fix it but nothing. So I said, “Mr Satan, that not working tonight. I have a hard copy. Remember?” I took my bible and read. Then I went into specific prayer before the Lord. I named everything one by one and declared answers and solutions for them. Although my faith was there, I was not expecting such a speedy response from my Father.

I got up this morning and was off to work. I took a bus and was privileged to sit next to a woman who was going to make my day and help change my life. Innocently I sat next to her reading my book “I Dared To Call Him Father”. As I closed the book closer to our destination, she said, “Great book”.  I happily replied, “Indeed! I am enjoying it”. Then she placed a call card and pamphlet in my hands. She was the founder of a renowned group in Trinidad and Tobago “Youth for Christ”. We got into deep conversation and I told her about my blog. That was it. She was looking for me without knowing who I was and vice versa. When departing she said, “Call me”. Why? She wanted to incorporate me in a mission trip to Tobago.  What is so specific about this?

Last night in my prayer time, I asked God for particular things and I know she was answer number one. I was almost brought to tears in the bus just thinking about the power that lies in God and being specific. This is just in the spiritual realm but I believe it exist in life entirely. As the bible says “Life and death is in the power of the tongue”. Therefore when you be specific and claim certain things, just expect to watch it come to life. Remember, faith without work is dead. So don’t expect to sit and get it all but still you can be specific. Stop doubting and start talking and soon you’ll be walking into your specific destiny. What are you waiting for. Get excited and start calling it forth one by one. BE SPECIFIC.

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