Lately my live has gone through a constant changing process. With this I started analyzing all the things that would have gone before. All the things, I said, done, shared with friends and family and set out my mind to do. With a great increase in prayer God has began to open my eyes and allow me to see the reality of situations and people around me. The good and the detrimental. Although what I am writing about didn’t directly happen to me (And I pray it won’t) , it still affected me as I felt the pain which was inflicted on someone because of “brainsploitation”.

What is brainsploitation? In a nutshell it is the stealing of personal ideas by another. But how can this happen? Although we live in a highly technological world, man has not been able to directly read the minds of others. Well that’s the last thing I knew. So then how can our ideas be stolen? Simple and raw, “When we open our BIG mouths” (lol). This is something I can be branded as guilty for and I am sure you would have also mentioned an idea or ideas to the people you love and you think love you back. After analyzing the life of someone close to me, I realize that even the closes ones should not be informed about our life plans. Although in genuine friendship you should be able to speak of things freely, just like technology the real meaning of friendship and even family is being lost. Due to this, men (us) are becoming lovers of ourslves and thinking about our future ONLY. Ever had an idea and threw it out there, got a half-hearted response and then suddenly that person was putting your plan into action? I am sure that would have crushed you or will crush you. My friend is presently going through an extremely tough time in their life because of all the hurt from being drained by people. This may seem trivial to some but this is something that can push someone to suicide. Look at the picture below and replace the syringes with people. Think about the effect of all pulling from you at once. That can get you “light-headed”.

The reality is, we are living among many “idea and life plan snatchers”. So now more than ever we need to be careful and I would recommend, speak to God in our secret chamber about our lives. Ask God also to show you the real people around you because you don’t want to be living and constantly being drained by associates. It is better to write in a book that has a lock to it and keep it in a safe place. Present your dreams before God and allow him to reward you openly. Matthew 6: 6 says

“But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you”.

This principle should be applied for our goals and dreams also. People may deem you as secretive but don’t mind that. Secretive works. So the next time you have an idea and want to ring up your girlfriend/ friend/family, ask yourself if losing your idea to someone is worth it. Don’t be the next victim of “BRAINSPLOITATION”. 🙂

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Like my Facebook page, Follow me on twitter, follow my blog and share, share, share. Much love – Candace.


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