All The Same; Work on Change.

Today I asked a question both on Facebook and twitter and got no response. I wonder if people just didn’t bother to answer or if they thought their response will get them in trouble. lol. The question was “Is there a mathematical formula to calculate wrong?”. As you go further into this piece, I hope to enlighten you to something that you would have thrown to the back of your minds and break your regimented ways(mines as well) of thinking.

As usual it was a thought or revelation as I call it, that initiated this blog. After a recent incident that occurred in my life, I was drawn into deep thought about people and how we judge each other. I also analysed sin and something was mysteriously revealed to me. I can assure you that some of you after reading the revelation will refuse to accept the fact and try to remain in the norm of measurement. Having grown up in church, I was often thought about sin and the different ways in which God despise it. However, what I’ve always noticed in conversations, luckily not from my parents, that we measure sin and wrong doing. Due to legal and societal settings and creation of accepted and unacceptable values and morals, we tend to think some things are more wrong than the other. What this has led to, is people seeing nothing wrong with what they are wrongfully doing (because it’s small”) and have no problem bashing the person who committed a wrong or sin “out of this world”. I am not ashamed to say that I was once caught up in this web of  foolish thinking and God set me straight. Ask yourself this question. If I break the red light and a man takes the life of another, what makes me different to him? You may vehemently say everything and go on to explain that you breaking the light can never be compared to taking the life of another. Legal and Societal perspective.

With my daily strive for excellence in my Christian walk, I ask God to show me things, so I can be a better person and this is what he embedded in my spirit. “When I sin, I am no different to the man who kills another. The only thing that separates us is the act but it is under the same heading sin and sin has no measurement. Just as I would forgive you for what you did, I will shower the murderer with the same forgiveness. So while you look to cease from sinning, cease from judging”.  Yes! This can be applied to life as well. Wrong is Wrong. There is no measurement and so we should not look down on people because it is all the same. A child in form 1 and form 3 of a particular school can never be said to be  going different schools. They only differ by forms. If they were to do wrong, they will suffer the consequences just as we will or be forgiven all the same. I believe if we are to look at things or life this way, we would spend more time seeking to change our ways rather than trying to take out the beam in other people’s eyes.

Matthew 7: 5 You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye.

No one is saying you can’t lend a helping hand but understand that you also have issues to deal with and don’t be judgmental. Maybe paralleling yourself or being classified with a murderer should shake you into beginning that change. I know when it was revealed to me, I immediately prayed and ask for forgiveness and since then have tried to be mindful of all my actions and words. We are not perfect but we can sure work ourselves to perfection. Sin is sin, wrong is wrong. Stop measuring and work on change.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Like my Facebook page, follow me on twitter, follow my blog and share share share. Much Love – Candace. 


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