Patience; It Is Realizing.

Patience, patience. Where do I begin? Well, don’t be hurry, I’ll get to the point. lol. That’s exactly where I am heading. We all ask and require things in our lives but with it comes “the task of patience”. Why I say patience is a task? It’s a task because we have faith to ask but the tolerance level to wait on its realization is usually so low, we end up falling into the trap of complain and verbal fury. It becomes a “construction job site” for us to wait.  Yes! We labour to personally develop the true meaning of patience. What is patience?Patience is defined as the capacity to accept or tolerate delay, trouble, or suffering without getting angry or upset.I guess that’s why it is called a virtue(high morals and standard).

Even though I am a blogger and tries my utmost best in all my pieces to encourage the hearts of my readers, I myself is still in the learning process. Today I got an eye opener from someone I least expect and I was reminded, that when I ask God for something, I dare not complain. He despise it.

Philippians 2:14 – Do all things without grumbling or questioning,

Recently, I have been asking God for answers and transformation in a particular situation and astonishingly it has been happening faster than I expected. However, with my humanistic eyes, I could not see it and found myself murmuring mentally ever so often literally. Today was one of those days. I was having a quite pleasant conversation this morning and before I knew it, I gradually began blurting out about things I prayed for in a very antagonistic manner. Smack dead in the middle of the conversation, I was scolded and then something was said to me, which made me feel so ashamed of the way I was carrying on. The person said: “You are so blinded by all that has happened before, you have not seen the changes occurring right before your eyes”.My first response was, What? Then my spirit immediately went into a mode of conviction and self search. It was true. From the time I started praying to now, so much change has occurred and I just was not patient enough to have the eyes to see it. Now if you remember what the word patience mean, you will understand why I used it. I was not tolerant; my attitude in waiting for the response was despicable. I didn’t have a choice but to start repenting before my God.

Let’s face the reality. This is often the case with us as human beings. When we ask for something or decides we want something, we usually stipulate the time frame. Well that’s if we don’t say NOW. (lol). When it fails to occur to our deadline, we become so irate, that we really miss the initial stages occurring which usually leads us to exactly what we want. You see, God knows best and sometimes we are not ready to facilitate what we ask for on a personal level. What I’ve realized is, he usually teaches us some skills, that allows us to be fully equipped for the blessing/gift. Think about this. What will happen to you if you bought a brand new car, has the keys in your hands but still don’t know how to use it? Firstly, you’ll become frustrated and then eventually leave the car where it is causing it to rot rather than benefiting from it (benefiting from the gift). It’s the same with gifts/blessings. God usually builds us during our waiting time for us to be ready when it comes. However, when we complain, we are counteracting the working process. That’s like putting a huge rock in the middle of a an engine wheel while its working.

The bible says: Psalm 37:7 Be still in the presence of the Lord, and wait patiently for him to act.  Stop being angry! Turn from your rage! Do not lose your temper—it only leads to harm. The harm is the lengthening of the waiting time or loosing the gift entirely(from giving up). You may be asking God for something and to you it’s be long over due and you are complaining or thinking about giving up. I am here to tell you don’t give up . Ask God to increase your faith and patience.  James 1:3 Knowing this, that the trying of your faith worketh patience. It may be difficult to endure but think about the outcome of the situation and know that during your time of wait, God is working on you. Preparing you for the blessings. Often times, the moment we are about to give up is when the blessing is about to be unfolded. God has not forgotten you and in his due time he WILL release the ultimate gift, adding in some perks there to. In the mean time, consider yourself bless and learn what he is teaching until that day/time.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Much Love – Candace


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