Be Ready For “The Sudden” Of Life

I lost a twenty four year old friend this weekend and in the midst of the heat everyone was amazed at the sudden turn to life. No one understood and was not ready for such an incident. They even said he was not ready. God then inspired this to me. Having a chance to reflect on life made me realize that I am only ready for all things in Christ. Not that I won’t be shocked by sudden events but I would have an assurance, strength and my hope would be anchored in Christ. I know that if I am to die, I will be ready to receive my crown, laid up in glory for me. This poem is dedicated to my friend, as well as to open the eyes of man. If you do not know Christ as your saviour and friend and has a relationship with him, then you won’t be ready for the sudden (death) in life. Gird yourself with his word and live in his presence, making yourself ready for any circumstances.

You may ask, “How can I be ready?”

Doesn’t sudden mean happening without warning?; without a sign?

The happening of something, not in my mind?

Isn’t sudden suppose to shock me out of my wits?

Then I would ask, What brought about this?

For sudden I can’t be prepared.

That would change the meaning of the word in my head

Sudden is suppose to knock me down. Turn my smile into a frown.


Ever since I was a little girl, Sudden is sure to shock everybody’s world.

So then, how now, am I to read,  A “being ready” for sudden plead

There is no way and no how, man will ever be organized for a sudden bomb.

Unless…….. wait……. unless…….. Yes!

It just hit me,I must confess.

There is an answer for this mess.


Once you’re on this avenue,

You’ll be ready when it happens to you.

Confused to what this may be?

There’s no way as far as your eyes can see

But the answer is a simple treat.

Let Christ be the driver of your taxi.

Once in Christ, I will say

When death knocks your door, it will be OK.

Only because that’s not your final price

But you will have eternal life.

So, there is a way to be ready for sudden

Living in Christ will prepare you ready for all that happens.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Follow my blog and follow me on twitter. Much Love – Candace 






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