Problems + Sulking = Error

As the world evolves more and more each day, along with the greatness in evolution comes the debris and unwanted particles. These are what I call problems, situations or circumstances. Which ever you choose. Although problems have been in existence from the dawn of man, we will all agree that, its tensions has gradually increased over time. This has simultaneously caused an increase in crime, drugs, promiscuity and finally suicide, just to name a few. Being just a lover of writing, whose major is medicine, I won’t be able to provide an accurate explanation about why this has happened and continues to. However, being a person who has experienced chains of problems, I can add an insight.

If you ever had the opportunity to sit and converse with a stressed person, you would realize that lack of a solution or not seeing a small step of getting out, usually cramps the ability of the mind to think coherently. This causes a chain reaction that leads into depression. I am always amazed though that we have such a tenacity to achieve different goals in life but when one obstacle gets in the way, we start recalling all the other odds. Waking up the dead I say. For example, you may not have been fortunate to grow up with both parents or have all the wants (not necessities) that you would have liked. When a simple situation looks like it has encompassed you, then those pass hurts would be expounded upon. For others, they give themselves a song entitled “pity me”. So in each verse you will hear things like, I didn’t have this, or don’t have that. This one did this or that one did that. They sulk and sulk and sulk on top of a problem, and not sit and try to analyze things little by little. I know. Sometimes, things are so bad, you can’t function but who said depleting all that you are worth was the answer?

Tell me. How do you expect to sulk and in that same frame of mind be able to say eureka (I’ve found it). That’s impossible or as the subject says “Problems + Sulking = Error”. What I’ve come to realize is, the first step to overcoming is acceptance. Not accepting the circumstance but the reality of it. Meaning, once you have come to accept that it is the way it is at the appointed time, you then start looking at different escape avenues. For many people, God is their last resort and as I stated in a previous blog, he should always be the first. You see, looking to man does not always work out for the best. Ladies I’m directing this to you especially. As a woman I know, when we are down, we can easily become vulnerable. This is usually a recipe for havoc. If this is not you – THANK GOD. But for most women that’s the case and after enjoying a “so call” few minutes of pleasure, it actually adds to the defeat list. Why? Because you then begin to think you are more worthless than before. I know. I’ve been there.

Different methods work for different people, so I am not going to give you a regimented list to abide by. However, I will say, take some time to discover yourself and see who you really are. Never let people define you but define yourself in God’s eyes. Boy you are special. There is no other person on earth that is designed like you. They may look similar but trust me the smallest thing that you might overlook, is what makes you different. I always say life is a bed of roses but roses have thorns. Those thorns can be equated to lives difficulties. Problems should never be spoken of and pitied  but rather as an overcoming testimony. Sulking will never help in creating a testimony. I can assure you, it can and will bring funerals. For the bible says in John 10:10 –  The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full. The bold part of the verse is what you should try to remember. Never sink yourself into sulk en mode because Problems + Sulking = Error but rather say like the Psalmist I will lift up mine eyes unto the hills, from whence cometh my help.(Psalm 121:1)”Lift up your head, for tomorrow brings new relief to all pains, problems and heart aches.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. All that you put your hands to will be successful in Jesus Name. Follow blog, follow on twitter, like Facebook page. Much love – Candace



One thought on “Problems + Sulking = Error

  1. This is advice I can live by. It is good to see you sharing your experiences and life’s lessons with others that need it, in such a positive way. May God richly bless you in all your work, life and studies. Keep that lovely smile on your face and your mind focused on great and good things and you’ll maximize your abilities; you’re already on your way. Keep encouraging your women darling, we need it.


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