The Retractable Moment

I am so overly excited to write this piece because the experience happened today and it gave me a “retractable moment”. What is a retractable moment? It is nothing scientifically proven but rather the moment when you have to pull back on thoughts because God allowed you to hear or see something that caused you to remember how blessed you are. Stop and ponder on it for a while, even if you are not in the position that you are aiming for presently. How often have you complained about your husband not fixing that one thing outside the house,that to you, seems hideous? How often have you complained about the promotion on the job, knowing you deserve it? How often have you complained about the unanswered prayers? What about the smaller things? Like nothing to wear, no shoes, handbags, sunglasses etc. I am sure at least once a day for many and once a week for others. Let’s face the fact. We all complain from time to time, once our life does not serves us the hand that we would like dealt.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Nothing is wrong with wanting better and working on elevating yourself and lifestyle. However, everything is wrong with doing that in a selfish thought. Yes! We can be selfish without even knowing we are. Earlier on today my friend and I was having a discussion about the things both having us disgruntled on work. For my friend though, the pain would be more rigid and planted in her heart like a steel post because she has been in the company for almost six years. It is only understandable that she would be upset for the unprofessional ism that occurs from time to time.  As for me, I am only but mere days away from being at the company for six months and so although I am upset, my fury won’t be like a world wind. In our conversation, thoughts were expressed and measures thought of to deal with the situation but I will admit, in the midst of the heat, God was mentioned twice if so much. Yes I know. How is that possible with us right and we are supposed to be Christians. Let’s just say, the “flesh was having its way” but then God did. A client happened to step into the office and started having a friendly informal discussion with my friend/ co-worker. She then expressed something that allowed my friend to respond “And I does complain?”. When she left, my friend was looking a bit taken aback by what she just heard and shared it with me. Right there and then I knew that  God allowed that random person to walk in and share their present life story for a reason. What made it even more amazing is the person was bubbly and had an overwhelmingly calm and amiable spirit.

Sitting in my chair full of amazement, I internally started thanking God for my life. Even though, things are not where I want them to be, God made it clear that my life was in a good position and I had all right to be in total praise. Thank you God for that RETRACTABLE MOMENT. Sometimes, we get so caught up in the societal concept of life and what society deems a good one to be, that we forget to stop and thank God for the little things. I am sure many of you may have expressed thoughts to someone or to yourself about things you are not pleased with and have already concocted ideas to deal with them. God is saying, turn your constant talking into constant praise. Be thankful for what you have, for it is in your praising that you will receive what you need. I’ve heard people say, praising is great since we praise for what we have but worship is better because we worship for what we don’t have and have not yet seen. It doesn’t matter how you look at it. Complaining will only bring more rain but praising will bring the reign. So stop, retract for a while and just offer up yourself in total praise. Be patient and wait on the Lord because his timing is the best timing. The bible says — Psalm 27:14 —Wait for the Lord; be strong and take heart and wait for the Lord. The bible also says in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. So pull back and start praising.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Everything you put your hands to will prosper. Follow blog, follow on twitter, like Facebook page and share, share, share. Much Love – Candace Cudjoe.


2 thoughts on “The Retractable Moment

  1. Hello Candace! Long time no hear from. I have been rather busy. Nevertheless….I had to leave a comment on this Blog post. As usual…it is right on point! I must say Amen to this post! It is so very true, too many times we fail to acknowledge God for the little or small things in our lives. So, I’ve made it a point to just say Thank You Lord at least 3-4 times a day. In the morning when I wake up, while I’m driving to work, when I use the restroom while at work, on my way home from work, and again at bedtime. So many times I just look at my surroundings and then analyze my own life and think to myself how blessed I am.

    The things you mention in your Blog brought a scripture to mind…Zechariah 4:10, which states: “Do not despise the day of small beginnings.”
    I like to sum that scripture this way…
    Don’t look down on your shortcomings or little that you have, because everything we have or every person in our life had to start somewhere! Most happily successful people I’ve known or heard of came from humble beginnings. So, we have to rejoice in our humble beginnings; because we never know when God will Open that door for us to walk on through and experience a major Breakthrough/Blessing that will take us from small to Large…from little to Infinite!

    Be Blessed my Sistah!

    ~ Kiseler R. Brumfield

    • Hey Sis. I sent you an email because its really been so long. Thank you so much. I am gonna keep that scripture in mind. Love you plenty.

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