The Ladies Journey #1 – Reverance

As I start a new journey of learning to become a better woman, I have decided to take you on the journey with me. You are invited to join me on the journey, allowing yourself to become a better woman. Please note, it will not be easy as 1, 2 , 3. There are days you will be crying when you discover certain things about yourself but it’s all part of the purification process. You may not be recognized now, but by the time God is finished with you, through these words and his personal time with you, you will be known throughout the earth. Not that you are taking this trip to be publicized but think about it this way. Men (humans) will not recognize gold in its pure state lying among the rocks but when it is purified, they will pay big money for it in the store. It’s the same with you, by the time you are finish, God will send the RIGHT man to be your husband and start a family with you, among other drastic turns in your life, for the better.

As I was reading Titus 2:1-5 tonight, through out all the qualities God listed a woman should carry, one stood out to me as if it was written in bold. Maybe because I have seen a decrease and continuing decrease of this particular quality in women. A couple of nights ago, my aunt and I was going though YouTube, looking at some videos and came up on one that was nothing but hurtful. A video of NAKED women in some positions that can damage them, dancing and men throwing money on them. What shocked me though was a WOMAN in the midst, endorsing this behaviour, by throwing money on the women and smacking them. Something I thought the men would be doing. My aunt was appalled by the video and ask “Where is our respect?” Note, that my aunt is NOT a christian. So this was coming from a WOMAN (meaning unbiased. Some people think Christians are bias). Only to realize tonight it’s the same quality God listed first in Titus 2:3. He wants us to be REVERENT. Reverent means to show solemn respect or be respectable  Yes ladies. We should have respect for ourselves. We often complain about men not respecting us but how do we expect to get something that is earned  when it is given? When we give it to ourselves, we will earn it from others.

I grew up being thought that I  should always respect myself but never valued that teaching as much as I do tonight. I do now because I know that God admires a woman who is reverent and I am bent on pleasing my Saviour. Apart from that, I now know that with me applying this to my life, I am going to start a chain reaction of uplifting events. Ladies, don’t lose the respect you have for yourself. I can tell you from experience that, when you do this, it is a process to regain it. People literally have to be told, I AM NOT SO anymore, more than once before they believe you. You may even be heckled if your desire is to turn over a new leaf in your life. My advise to you is be steadfast (another one of God qualities for women. See Titus 2: 1-5) in all your ways. Don’t waver in your decisions and ask God to be your strength and watch God take you through and to a higher place. If you already do, continue to respect yourself and keep that standard. If you are not there yet, it is not too late. God values you and has a special space in his heart for you. This same approach and concept should be handed to you by mankind. Continue to work towards the better woman you want to be. It may cost you some friends and probably family but it will all be worth it in the end. Start respecting yourself and love yourself as God loves you.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Everything, you put your hands to will prosper in Jesus name. Follow blog, twitter. Like Facebook page and share, share, share. God bless – Candace. 


3 thoughts on “The Ladies Journey #1 – Reverance

  1. Sing it with me now….R-E-S-P-E-C-T….Tell ya’ what it means to me! (In my Aretha Franklin voice) I totally feel you on this post Candace! I see so many girls or women degrading themselves nowadays, and I try not to be judgmental about it, but its hard not to when they’re flaunting, or shall I say giving away, so much of themselves. I remember older people used to say: “Leave something for the imagination.” And to this day, I still believe that we as women should do just that. There’s nothing wrong with trying to show your femininity, but shouldn’t it be tastefully shown or expressed?

    Well you know I can go on and on about many of the topics you post, but I won’t. I think others get the point.

    Be Blessed!

    K.R. Brumfield

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