Trusting God – RIP Jesse

When words can’t describe how you feel on the inside out and all you can do is weep, trust God. God knows best. Sometimes we may not be able to fathom his ways but he never makes a mistake. I write to encourage hearts but in a time like I now I appreciate blogs more than ever before. When you can read another blog to gain strength. I am “in self” weak but the holy spirit adds strength. When you don’t know what tomorrow brings or how you are going to get over trust God. I am constantly reminding myself. Jesse was a part of me but God has a bigger part and so will be able to heal the heart. I won’t lie and say I am ok because is on my side. I am not. I am hurt, sadden, grieved, confused and in shock but I WILL be okay because is on my side. More than ever before I need you now God to encourage the heart. JESSE RIP LOVE. From your sis. – Candace.


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