Who are your “pupils”? I know you may be wondering what I mean, especially if you are not a teacher. LOL. P.U.P.I.L simply means People Uplift People In Life. So tell me, who are the people who uplift your life? Who can you count on when times get rough? People who can speak a word to make you smile, even if they don’t know about the situation. Do you have any? Or do you have friends who will give you an advise that will cost you your happiness in the future? Think about it.

As I shared yesterday, I am a woman in healing. During this time it is expected that I would feel lonely and long for someone to help boost my spirit. Guess what? God knew it and he sent a word. What was so nice about this is that the word came from a person I won’t consider a friend but one I know. It was so timely and precise, bringing a smile to my face and pulling back those bags from under my eyes from the constant tears. It dawn on me that if I associated myself with negative people, I would have received a negative word or a negative gesture. Though this may sound trivial, this is very important. A negative word can lead to death. Yes that’s how powerful it is.

Although they say, it’ easier to listen to wrong words than fulfilling ones, I beseech you to associate yourself with people who can help raise your head. You may not know me but if you are facing a devastating situation, I want you to know Nehemiah 8: 10 Do not grieve, for the joy of the LORD is your strength and because you have this joy Psalm 30: 5 weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning. So raise up your head and face the day because the Lord has already gone before you to carry your heart while mending it to make it whole again. Be strong and of good courage. I know it is easier said than done but God is able to finish what was started and heal what was broken. His loves goes through good and bad.

Signed – A healing woman


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