What A Joy

The bible says in Psalm 16:11 – Thou wilt shew me the path of life: in thy presence is fullness of joy; at thy right hand there are pleasures for evermore. 


Boy is the verse true. Last night I was privileged to be in an all night prayer meeting with Gods people. I say privilege because I am not worthy to be in Gods presence with all my mess but the compassionate and unconditional loving God he is, I was and will always be able to approach his majesty. Although I write, it is still clear that I am human and would have struggles just like you. We all look for ways to solve them, even when we pray but last night God clarified something for me. I thought even though I was praying and claiming to allow God to do HIS will, I should add my two cents just to let God know where I stand. Looking at that now, I would consider it as foolish because he is an all-knowing God. So I definitely wont be able to fool him and my ways are no way to close to him, so guiding him is a NO NO.

While spending time before my maker, two things were ministered in my spirit and that’s why I say, it is a JOY to be in his presence. He reminded me that he would FIGHT FOR ME and that EVERY PART OF ME BELONGS TO HIM. Those things stood out because they were aiming directly to my situations and the struggles I face daily. So that even in my sadness and brokenness God was able to give me a joy. Many people don’t understand what joy is. They confuse HAPPINESS and JOY. Let me just make it clear. Happiness is an emotion exerted through a favourable experience. Joy is when you still have a peace and satisfaction in a bad situation and that is something that CANNOT be given by man. Human beings will frustrate you more than you are already frustrated, even if they try to give advise. You may ask, So then how I do have such a thing? Where do I get it from? The answer is in the verse above. In the presence of God. There is nothing that will be able to soothe your spirit, especially when you are broken beyond repair (to you). God is a fix it man and he never gives you a “half pick duck” (uncompleted work). He gives a peace that surpasses ALL understanding in the most shipwrecking storm.

It was such a tremendous, joyous time, just worshiping and lifting up the name of JESUS. People says that babies are a bundle of joy but I’ll tell you, God’s JOY supercede that to a point where it cannot even be classified or separated into bundles. His love for us is everlasting and he will create a serene atmosphere for us, when we spend time in his presence.


Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Everything you put your hands to will prosper in Jesus Name. Plenty Love – Candace Cudjoe



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