Are You Fit?

This is the Christmas Season and though it should be a time to reflect on and celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, in the country where I live, Trinidad and Tobago, it is much more than that. People use this time to party, “lime”, drink, and carry on just as you would see for Carnival. Yes! Christmas has become a carnival in disguise. Many would visit family and friends  but all these elements are still expressed. Since I came home for Christmas, although I am abiding in a Christian home, I found myself, wavering in spirit. It’s almost as if I was being consumed by the negative elements of Christmas. Not in my home but by friends and other families. My mom even brought it to my attention, I guess because it was that noticeable. Plans were made  to usher myself into the new year in a time of prayer and fast but I am yet  to prepare myself for such. I started feeling different, not empty but emptiness was well on its way. I however, thank God for the spirit for correction and conviction.

While reading the word this morning, the last verse of Luke 9, hit me so hard, my heart just melted and my eyes were filled with tears. Then came the question, “ARE YOU FIT”.

Verse: Luke 9:62 – Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”

All my actions for the past couple days, just flashed before my eyes and I could not help but humble myself in repentance mode. Now to many, if I was supposed to list the things I did, they would not find it as problematic but if something is not in accordance to Gods word, then it is a BIG PROBLEM. Note, BIG PROBLEMS, starts small.



I pose the question to you today. ARE YOU FIT? Are you here today and there tomorrow? Who have decided to serve? The bible says that we cannot serve to masters. We need to choose one and stick to that one. My wish is to be  Kingdom woman but I cannot be, if I am not fit for the Kingdom. I cannot if I am constantly returning to my old lifestyle. My dedication to the life of Christ, should be a life long commitment. Maybe you are battling with a decision or wants to give God your all but is being bombarded by the elements of this world. Just as I am speaking to myself, I am telling you to BE STRONG AND OF GOOD COURAGE. Go before the Lord and express yourself, telling him exactly how you feel. What I love about God is that we can be real in his presence. Tell him your struggles and encourage yourself in the Lord. Read the bible more, pray more and another very important factor is to associate yourself with the people of God. I can tell you of  the temptations that comes if you don’t (in another post). To be physically fit, you need to exercise  and do so frequently. It’s the same for the Kingdom and your spiritual life, you need to exercise reading the word and spending more time before God. Allow him to consume you and fully take over. We are approaching 2013. Vow to be a better person, not living the same as yo did in 2012. ARISE and be FIT for the Kingdom.

Reminder: You are the head and not the tail. Above and not under. Everything you put your hands to will be successful in Jesus name. Much love – – Candace Cudjoe


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