Beautiful You Are – Interview with Daniel Harris (D’Aych)

How beautiful are you? Is this a question you can answer in the same speed, as you can about your favorite color or do you have to ponder? How do you define beauty? Is it about the outward or the inward man? Most of all, would you think you are beautiful even if the entire world thought otherwise? The topic of beauty has been around for centuries but the interest placed on it today, exceeds that of the past, extensively. The things people do, to ensure they look or are considered “beautiful” are extreme and sometimes hilarious. In today’s world, beauty seems to have been categorized for a particular size, height and complexion of women. The type of women portrayed in most ads or via media, causes others to feel inferior, insecure and walk around with low self-esteems. Not to mention the approach by our male counterparts. Let’s talk about the men.
What I’m about to say is based on my observation, so if you beg to differ, I would love to hear from you in the comment box. In recent times, there has been an increase in women being viewed as sex symbols. Everything about us has become “sexualized”, with the invention of an acceptable slogan,”SEX SELLS”. The images pushed to the forefront have degraded our women drastically, causing us to be viewed at a lesser value. I was so elated when I met a young man whose approach and concept of women, was the total opposite to the recent norm. Meet D’Aych, a Rap Gospel Artiste with a BIG heart for God and sharing the message of who we are as women, how beautiful we are and how we should ALWAYS view ourselves.  D’Aych, through divine inspiration, created a hit single called, “Beautiful You Are”. Listen (Click on All Songs and Select) –  D’Aych – Beautiful You Are
Below is the Q & A, with D’Aych. He highlighted some very interesting points which we will spend more discussing in the month of February. THE MONTH OF ARISING IN YOUR BEAUTY. If you wish to contact D’Aych you can do so via twitter @D_Aych. Be sure to listen the hit single, “Beautiful You Are”. See Here – Beautiful You Are – D’Aych  Enjoy!!
  • Who or what inspired you to write “Beautiful You Are”?
There were several people who inspired me to create the song “Beautiful You Are”. The first woman who had the greatest influence on me was my mother. My mother has always been a very God-fearing woman, both inside and outside of the church. I saw her example of living a godly life & being a woman of faith inside & outside of the home. No human being has ever reached perfection outside of Christ, but her life spoke volumes to me. I remember as a child she told me that she was my “first wife”, and the way I treated her would be similar to the way that I would one day treat my real wife. She taught me to open doors, bring her flowers for no reason, give her compliments, and to pray for her when it was necessary. She raised me to be a man of God and to be a gentleman and I will always respect & honor her for that. To me she is and always will be beautiful. Also, I wanted to create a song that payed homage to women because in my genre of music most rap artist do the complete opposite.
  • What was your approach to women before you gave your heart to Christ?
My approach to women before I was saved was a lot different from what it is right now…A LOT different. I respected women who respected themselves. If you let me know upfront that you were in it for physical reasons, then I would treat you differently then I would treat a woman who I knew was about her business. I knew how to treat women based on their view of themselves and their perspective of life. Now, I try my best to treat others the way that I would want to be treated because I realize that you reap what you sow.
  • Why do you see the need to remind women of their worth?
I see the need to remind women of their worth to remind them that men are not all the same. I wanted to use music to remind them of the beautiful image that God created them in. Many women have experienced being abused/misused in one capacity or another. God created women with an indescribable strength to overcome adversity that some men do not possess, and I wanted to highlight their beauty and not degrade them. I felt it was necessary to remind them that they are not defined by what hurt them in the past, but they are defined by who God has created them to be. I wanted to be the one to remind them that God created them to be powerful, intelligent, ambitious, insightful, and beautiful.
  • In recent times, women have been viewed as sex symbols, rather than seen for who they are. What are your thoughts on the world’s view of women?
My view-point of how the world sees women is that its archaic. Before God pulled Eve out of Adam the place he inhabited was simply Earth, but it took a woman to make it the world we now live in. Women are more than sex symbols, they are the life-giving source. Without them our civilization would not exist. Look at some of the greatest leaders our world has ever seen: Barack Obama, Dr.Martin Luther King Jr., Malcom X. As they are/were on the forefront there were even greater women pushing them towards the greatest heights that was later revealed for the entire world to see. Where would we be without them? Since God did create Eve from Adams rib, it should be considered an honor and a privilege to have a great woman of God by your side.
  • What advise will you give, to the woman reading this post?
My advice to the women reading this post is never forget how “Beautiful You Are”. In-spite of all the setbacks, disappointments and heartaches you’ve experienced in this life never forget that you were created on purpose & for a purpose. There is greatness inside of you. When God created you he wanted the world to see his beauty. Allow him to shine through you, even in the darkest moments of your life.
Daych flyer
I hope this post would have inspired you to view yourself in like manner of how God sees you. The bible says we are made in God’s image and likeness and since we serve a BEAUTIFUL God, that makes us BEAUTIFUL. Psalm 139:14 says – I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. When you look in the mirror, say I AM BEAUTIFUL and  know that “full well”. If you already think you are Beautiful, the type of Beauty that lives within, then God bless you. If not, NOW is the time to start changing your mindset. Let the beauty of God reign in you.

5 thoughts on “Beautiful You Are – Interview with Daniel Harris (D’Aych)

  1. May God continually bless brother D’aych, for he has spoken such powerful words. I pray that God will use him as a tool to bring awareness and awaken other men to this reality.

    Kiseler R. Brumfield
    Life is a journey. Enjoy the scenery! 🙂

    • Ty so much for the comment. I am glad to see that ppl have such a positive response to the article. I pray that God blesses you beyond your greatest dreams Kiseler. Keep me in prayer and I will do the same for you. -D’Aych

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