Moving Up

This year I desired to be different in my writing. Writing more extensively, at least three to four times a week. I can remember the early part of 2012 when I just started blogging. In the first two weeks, I was on a roll and then the slacking came. Of course I vowed to be different this year because to me that would have shown growth or so I thought. However, while sitting in the office yesterday, God ministered something to me that I found rather amazing and humbling. Although this month was dedicated to beauty – ARISING IN YOUR BEAUTY, I had to share it with you all because it will eventually tie into your growth. Lately, I’ve been in the process of moving. I moved into a new apartment around the same time our office was relocating. For those of you who bought a new house and had to relocate or had to pack and move, you will understand how tedious that can be. Imagine having to do it both at home and at the office simultaneously. That is a heavy “load”. Lol. Though the move was greatly anticipated, it brought a bit of discomfort to my personal life, concerning my writing. My new apartment, although internet ready, had no connected internet and the office of course was out of connection as well. My two spots to connect with my blog were disrupted and I could not post anything. I felt like I was living early 2012 all over again. I had no connection with the things, I thought I needed at the time to get where ‘I” wanted to go. Then it was revealed to me.

Revelation: You need to be disconnected to move up.

Explanation: The disconnection has nothing to do with the spiritual aspect of our lives but rather the norm and the things we think we need in the time we would like to have them. In order for us to move properly we need to focus on the process of moving and spend time getting things right before we can reconnect with “eternal’ elements.



I had to mumble “WAOW” so I won’t seem mad, as I am already perceived in the office. Lol. My spirit was ushered straight into the mode of thanksgiving and refocusing. The want of posting pieces were thrown through the window and I immediately channeled my thoughts on the process of moving, however in a spiritual sense. I believe God was saying to me, before you can write more, I need you to move up more. Come a little closer to me. Right now I need you to get the box (Me) ready to be filled (with the word of God) and spend time packing (studying the word and spending time with God), making the move easier and more fulfilling. So where I send you next, you will be of great impact and my will, will be accomplished. Isn’t that amazing? All I could have thought about was “I” and what people would think if I didn’t post but God had and have greater plans for me. I just needed to be set apart for him to work.

Is this you now? Are you focused on the things you wish to have around? Then you have the answer. It’s time to refocus and spend time on the process of moving. Although these things may seem as a commodity to you, God knows when to release it for greater use. Turn a blind eye to the situation and spend time with him. Allow him to fill you up in the process of moving. Have you ever seen patrons at a game when a goal is scored? Their level of celebration is always on an extra high. That would be you when God makes a “touchdown” with you, after the move. As I said earlier, moving brought discomfort to my personal life and in the process of moving that would be expected. It’s all about less of you and more of him. Somethings MUST be cut of in order for God to speak and minister to us. Some temporarily, some permanently. In the end it will be worth it. I beckon you to shift your focus today and spend time getting ready for the move. Allow God to move you and do things all in his timing. Ask him for a peace to take you through the process of moving and patiently wait on the Lord.



3 thoughts on “Moving Up

  1. Hello my sister Candace! This post definitely hit home for me. Especially when you mentioned “Thanksgiving and Refocusing” and to “channel thoughts on the process of moving”. I too have decided to be more thankful for the things I currently have or thankful for where I am today; because if I look back to where I was…and compare it to where I am today…God has truly blessed me; and I need to be grateful and more appreciative.

    As you mentioned above your process of moving and channeling your thoughts on that process, I too am about to embark up a “Moving process”. I have been feeling such a strong need to “simplify” my life, and I know it’s no one but the Lord telling me to do so, so that I can be prepared for where He is taking me. I cannot take all the unnecessary junk (mental or physical baggage from the past) with me. It’s time for Spring Cleaning! So, I have already begun the process by eliminating or weeding out the negative or hindering people from my life.

    Thanks for continuing to share such inspirational words.

    Bountiful Blessings,

    Kiseler R. Brumfield
    Life is a journey. Enjoy the scenery! 🙂

    • Kiseler I couldn’t agree with you more about really taking the time to stop and appreciate all that God has done for us and giving him a high honor of praise for it.

      God really is good and I too feel that he needs me to do some disconnecting in the physical in order to elevate me in the spiritual.

      Thanks for the inspiration Candace 🙂

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