The Unrestrained Tongue

When God added a tongue in our bodies, it was meant only to bring honour and glory to his name. For the purpose of praise and worship. If sin was not introduced to the world, there would not have been a need for witnessing or trying to bring people to Christ because we would have all been spotless. Oh how wonderful that would have been. Suffering, low self-esteem, problems, rejection, hurt and hate; emotions which are all invoked by the tongue, would not have existed in our lives. The story however unfolds differently and we now live in a world where these feelings are most present and causing havoc. People of the cloth, like professors and doctors have done research and continues to, to find the root of all the problems in the world. The study of behavioral patterns has become an integral part in world studies. Yet still, through all the research, no cure has been found for the ailing of mankind. Though what am about to expound upon is not the main cure, it is definitely an attribute of the cure which is God.


Billions of words are used daily, as people go about their lives. Conducting business transactions, teaching in schools, verbal abuse and the list goes on. In each conversational moment, I wonder if the people involved would ever pay attention to what they are saying and how it is being said. The reality is sometimes the conversation is going so sweet, we don’t even realize what is said until we leave and it replays in our heads. How often have you found yourself saying, “Why did I say that?” Maybe you had a business plan and you were so excited about it, you called up a friend to share, only regretting waving that red flag in the end. We all go through that from time to time. Hats off to the persons who are very careful with what they say and how they say it.  Over the past couple days, I’ve been praying and asking God to teach me what to say. I know. You think I am mad but I am not. (Side Note: You can pray about anything). In doing so, I was amazed with what he did to answer my prayer. I was led to Numbers 12 (Bible). The reading was based entirely on an unrestrained tongue. This topic was touched on previously; see here Less Waving of The Red Flag. However in reading the chapter, I discovered more than I could have ever imagined.  A tongue with no care in this world can cause mass destruction. It’s just as bad as having a barium nitrate reaction in a room. When we and I say we because I have found myself indulging in such conversations in the past, hence the request in my prayer; when we gossip or slander people, one thing we often forget is, God hears. He knows and sees all things and as the bible states in many books, for example Proverbs, God despises a wagging tongue. It angers his spirit. Proverbs 26: 23 – Fervent lips with a wicked heart are like earthenware covered with silver dross. If someone used dross and my name in a sentence I would feel so unclean and worthless because that’s what dross is. Gossip vexes God so much he compared the lips that partake in it to dross. For those of you, who loves your lips and gossip, note your lips are like scum.

Most gossip is filled with lies and profane words that can tarnish someone’s character. The by-product of gossip is so dreadful, if people would only realize, I can bet, it will all stop in a heart-beat. Gossip brings discord and separation. Let’s look deeper into this. God is a God of unity. Philippians 2:2 Complete my joy by being of the same mind, having the same love, being in full accord and of one mind. This means, his spirit can only be effective in an environment conducive for him to work. (Note: God is all-powerful and can work anywhere, in any situations but he offered us choices and so he operates according to the choices we make.) So, if gossip causes disunity, that means we are creating an environment of negativity and evil. The devil is the father of these elements and once awarded the opportunity will take full control over it. Get it? If you use your tongue to create a negative atmosphere, then you are pushing God aside and openly accepting the devil and all the negative effects that come with him. While you are “bad talking” the young lady in the office, the devil is their provoking spirits for an uprising. What stood out to me the most was the stagnant effect caused by gossiping. In Numbers 12 (which I recommend you read), God punished Miriam for her unrestrained tongue and this held back the people for seven days. There journey was brought to a halt because of gossip. When we gossip and bring separation, how can we then move forward? It doesn’t only affect the growth of the church or the business but our personal lives. We are not encouraging ourselves to gain knowledge and so we stay stagnant. Have you ever smell a stagnant body of water? It “stinketh” and that’s us when we gossip, slander, and bad talk each other. We “stinketh”. Our lives become filled with hatred and malice and we proceed to bring discomfort to others. I have had personal experiences of slander, as well as I partook of it. From both instances, I’ve come to the realization that gossip is just as bad as putting a gun to someone’s head.


If only we would pay attention to the things we say, there would be a difference. I know; sometimes the conversation can be sweet. Yes, sin is sweet but just for a moment until we start facing the repercussions. 1 Timothy 5: 19 – Do not receive an accusation against someone except from two or three witnesses. A witness is someone who was present at the scene. Who saw or heard it from the direct source. Outside of that, all words are considered hearsay. As a person, destined to be great, we should never operate on hearsay but rather facts and use the facts to help and uplift each other. Not responding to an issue does not make you weak but rather smart. Even a fool is considered smart when they hold their tongue. It’s time we see the damage our words are causing and start speaking life. Where there is no wood, the fire goes out (Proverbs 26: 20), so when the flame of talking comes your way, be sure not to add wood. Words can sever hearts. It reaches deep into the soul, so next time you are carrying on a conversation, stop and think before you proceed. Ensure when you leave, you would have planted a seed to grow and eventually bear great fruits. Don’t be the bearer of an unrestrained tongue.

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