The Hurting Heart


Have you ever been hit with a heart-break? I am talking about a real heart-break. One that disintegrates your heart into pieces and brings tears from the inner most part of your soul. Yes! I’ve been there but through fervent praying and fasting I was able to get over. The past heart-break was inflicted upon me by the other party but recently I had to face a heart-break which was needed for spiritual growth. In making up my mind to get closer to God and allow him to direct my life, he started breaking off pieces of me. Of all the parts of my body, my heart had to be affected. Internally I had a “why” conference going on with God but in the midst of it, I trusted and continues to trust him. The emotional ties, though appreciated, would have been a distraction and if you are familiar with post from ARISE WOMAN, you would know what a distraction is and the effects of such. See here Distractions.

As Christians although we lean to the leading of the Holy Spirit, there are those moments where the reality of life hits us and we feel the “missing” pain. Yes! The “I miss you” pain. It’s only natural, especially when you would have created history with the person. For some it’s more tedious than others. I would say, the longer the years of bonding, the greater the pain in walking. Some people return to the carnal lifestyle and make up their minds to struggle for peace, just for the want of companionship. The truth is, we can never find wholeness in earthly beings; completeness comes in the spirit only. All theological teachings are forgotten in times of heart aches. The verses once quoted drifts away in the wind of pain and disappointment. It takes a willing person, who is bent on recovering totally, especially in a case like mine to really yield to the direction of the Holy Spirit.

broken heart

A couple of nights ago I was engulfed by one of those “I miss you” moments and my initial thought was to call up a girlfriend, bellow and howl on the phone, cry till my eyes popped out and at the end of it, fall asleep sobbing. Then I thought to myself, if you want God to really direct you in all things, talk to him and allow him to console your hurting heart. So I lay on the bed and as the tears started forming a pathway down my cheeks, I simultaneously, started pouring out my heart to God. My lips were locked because I was really trying to pull myself together but the tears came down like a sudden heavy shower and I spoke to God in my mind, like the wind that comes to blow those rainy clouds away. Rapid and hard. To my surprise, which I should not be, God led me to the book of Isaiah.

Isaiah 30: 18-19, 26 – The Lord will wait, that he may gracious to you; and therefore he will be exalted, that he may have mercy on you. For the Lord is a God of justice, blessed are those who wait for him. He will be very gracious to you at the sound of your cry, when he hears it, he will answer you. In the day that the Lord binds up the bruise of his people and heals the stroke of their wounds.

Through the tears I started smiling. Now I know, talking to my girlfriend would not have had such a satisfying outcome. Maybe I would have a felt a little better but by the time I was through reading I felt hope, assurance, peace, victory, joy and a peace to which many won’t understand. I love the part that says, blessed are those who wait for him. Often time’s we rush into relationships because of what society has led us to believe. We need to have a husband, house, car, land and children by a certain age. Attention is not paid to family lifestyle and most of all, Gods direction in choosing a mate for you. Nothing is wrong with waiting on the Lord. He is the greatest companion until such time. I know the pain of heart-break is different. It can really affect us mentally, spiritually, physically, financially etc. Let’s just say it puts us in all the “allys” Lol. However, God is able to heal. We have all permission to cry out to him, knowing that he WILL answer and heal the stroke of our wounds. Psalms 34: 18 – The Lord is near to those who have a broken heart and saves such as have a contrite spirit. The word of God never lies, so that, even if we feel consumed by emotions, God is near us and will answer when we call. My heart was filled with praise for this word of encouragement. It’s a bit easier for me because I was the bearer of the decision-making mantle but maybe you were not. Perhaps your situation is different and you were looking forward to having a future with this person. The principle still stands. You can cry out to God to heal you of your hurt. There is nothing impossible for him to do. Each person is different, so I can’t stipulate a time frame for you to overcome the situation but I will ask of you to trust him totally. If you have trust issues, “trust me’ when I tell you, he is the best person you can ever trust with your heart.

A heart that hurts can be transformed into a heart that sparks with love when God intervenes. In the latter part of last year God ministered something to me that is now helping me recuperate gracefully. “What hurts the flesh grows the spirit man”. Such a powerful revelation. When we hurt and hand it over to God, although our physical being is feeling the effects of the issue, the spirit man is transforming to unleash in the physical and bring about a change in our lives. With God, weeping only endures for a night  and joy comes in the morning (figuratively). Meaning the period of pain with him would be shorter and the overcoming sweeter.  Surrender it all over to God and watch him work for you. If you are a Christian, be encouraged. If you are not, I recommend you read the verses highlighted over and over and allow it to saturate your spirit. If you have a Christian friend, now would be a good time to get close to them and let them help you in your time of recovery, through the word of God. Be still, stand strong and allow God to weave a new heart, less of pain and hurt into being. Wait on him and he will eventually send the person who deserves to be adorned with rare jewels your way. Yes! You are a rare jewel and should think of yourself that way. A prize possession never sobs if man (humans) cannot see its worth. It lays there and waits for the person with great vision to recognize its value. Be not dismayed, Mr. Right (from God) is there waiting for you. Just keep calm, trust God to heal you, make you over and prepare you to receive of what he has in store for you.

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