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Everywhere you turn today, it seems as though people all over are either getting into or out of a relationship of one kind or another for a myriad of reasons. There are probably as many books on the subject of relationships as there are definitions people have come up with for them. Why Did He Break Up With Me: Lessons in Love, Loss, and Letting Go, written by Debora M. Ricks stands out among the many as one that doesn’t just come from the aspect of giving sound advice, but it gives in depth accounts of actual experiences of successes and failings; some hers and some of other people.TheCoverForWhyDidHe1.jpg.w300h464

While it is primarily written from the aspect of woman to woman, this book is not just for women. This book is for anyone who has loved and lost. This book does not aim to bash, berate or belittle. This…

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