As you all would have known, February  was the month of BEAUTY and there was a competition done to celebrate the beauty of all women. To qualify for the prize of a manicure and pedicure get away, an essay had to be done based on “My Beauty Goes Beyond My Skin”. As promised, the winner’s name would be published today and although it was not stated, the winning piece would be featured on the blog. ARISE WOMAN says congratulation to Aneesa Paul for this amazing piece submitted. See below. Enjoy!!!


We know this phrase oh to well…”Beauty is more than skin deep”. It is said that a beautiful inside makes a beautiful outside. And even more so both interior and exterior beauty compliments each other.

For the average christian woman striking a balance between both can become quite the challenge. This is evident when we examine the life of Queen Vashti; stunningly beautiful but because of her lack of wisdom and humility she displayed arrogance when summoned by the King.

On the other hand we have Queen Esther, whom I think truly exemplifies the essence of beauty going beyond the skin. Queen Esther was humble and truly opened herself to be trained by her uncle in preparation for her majesty; a virtuous woman indeed.
It is by these standards that I live thus I believe beauty is more than just an object or a defined characteristic. It’s a lifestyle!

I grew up in very humble beginnings which molded me into the contented, self assured, talented woman that I am today. And even like Queen Esther I believe that such beauty will one day be honored by God’s King for me. Yes I have had many challenges and still facing many but like the rose not even life’s wintery weather can prevent me from truly blossoming on the outside. You see the rose is a perennial; they grow flower and seed for many years. Perennials grow and bloom over spring and summer, then die back in the fall and winter, and renew themselves the following spring.

I consider myself to be a rose; yes I face adversity and clearly my outer beauty like the actual flower succumbs to life’s challenges but it is my inner beauty, strength, that cannot be shaken and restores me once again.

When my assignment on this earth is completed not much will be said about my outer beauty. People won’t weep over my gorgeous lips but they’ll miss the smiles that emerged from them. They’re not gonna miss my long legs and thighs but the intimate walks through the park that they may have facilitated that I’m sure will be missed. Think about it why is it that when someone dies they always mention how warm that person’s heart was? Have they ever seen your heart?  Have you ever physically seen a beautiful spirit!?

Indeed I am not my hair, I am not this skin…I am the soul that lives within. (India Arie). I am gorgeous, talented, virtuous. I am a best friend, a mother, a daughter, a sister, and one day a wife and ” My Beauty is more than skin deep.”

Aneesa Paul

Arise Woman –


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