Stripping Yes

Yes! A common word used daily. It is alleged that Yes is one of the most used words in a day. What does yes means? When we say Yes, we are making a statement of affirmation. According to Miriam-Webster Dictionary, yes is – An affirmative answer or decision. Is it then understood  by many, that there should be no falter or flaws coming from the source in which yes came? In my humble opinion, I would say Yes!. Hilarious. People tend to think that an affirmation of an action simultaneously means a perfect action. One in which there is no errors. If errors occurs, they exclaim deception, misguiding and  the element of being misled. The ramifications that follows a default yes, is enough to hang someone by the throat, ensuring that they suffer and succumb to the “injuries” slowly but surely.

I then pose the question. When we say yes to God, should we be dealt with in like manner? Something to think about. In speaking for myself, if God was supposed to execute these measures of punishment on me for saying yes and slipping up, then my days on this earth would be long over, with me leaving behind a tainted history book of life. I’ve said yes multiple times, with my action saying no even louder than my lips would have expressed yes. But for each time, I fell down, he was there to pick me up, wash me over, cleanse me, take me by the hand and continue the journey with me. Often times, I felt like I didn’t deserve it but he would still show favour. If he is such a merciful God, why do so many people shy away from saying yes to his will and ways?  God, a man who has so many great things in store for his people; someone who will NEVER stare us wrong. Why is it so hard for us to commit to his principles?

say yes

Nothing is wrong with saying yes and slipping up. Society has conformed our minds to think that everything has a regimented structure and order. When the reality is, God has already orchestrated plans for us to come up and out of situations. Saying yes to God is actually the best things that any given person can do. When you submit to him, you begin to walk under the shadow of the almighty; under his wings. So in the event of you slipping and sliding to fall, he is right there to catch the fall or pick you up. Imagine leaving your home miles away, without an umbrella and a heavy shower comes from the heavens in comparison to leaving the umbrella in the car and the building is a stone throw away. Won’t it be easier to run to the car for the answer to the problem, than having absolutely no way out? It’s the same with saying yes and no to God.


Saying yes isn’t an easy walk. It’s a work in progress but it’s the best word of affirmation to be used that can provide a lifetime guarantee of not being judged but rather repeated forgiveness and mercy. Let your heart and soul say yes today. Allow God to come into your life and have his way. See and receive a transformation of a lifetime from the Holy Spirit. Don’t let man’s perception of things, hold you back from receiving from a higher supreme being, God. SAY YES!!!

Enjoy the music and let it be your prayer. SAY YES!!!

Arise Woman –


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