One of the best anabolic reaction is “Estherification” What is an anabolic reaction? It is a constructive metabolic reaction. This type of reaction builds up larger molecules from very small particles, which all plays an integral part in life. According to the “Arise Woman Dictionary”, “Estherification'” is the conformation or building up of a woman’s character to that of Queen Esther. I know. You are allowed to chuckle. What am I getting at? Who is Queen Esther? As I read the book of Esther (Bible), chapters one to seven, I couldn’t help but marvel at the gradient she went against in her life, through the eyes of temperance. In her early life, Esther lost both her parents and was taken care of by her uncle Mordecai. She was part of the Kingdom ruled by King Ahasuerus. A man known for his intemperance and harsh mannerisms of ruling. After Queen Vashti moved the king to anger, she was removed from her position as queen and as such a new queen was required. Many maidens were carried to the king but none found favour with him as Esther did. Why? The bible speaks of her great level of humility, which won her favour not only with the king but all who set their eyes on her.

Esther was a very well composed young woman. In my opinion, based on the word, she was observant and timely in all her actions and most of all relied on God to direct her life. Historically, it has been noted that no one was able to enter the king’s courtyard without his  request. If they did and he did not hold up the sceptre as a sign of  grace, they would be killed immediately. After Esther’s appointment, a harsh ruling was made against her ethnic group (The Jews) and her uncle requested that she go to the king, asking him to revoke all punishments. This is where I started falling in love with Esther. Although she was Queen, she did not abuse her position and still had great respect for the king (Esther 4: 13 – 17). Instead of being puffed up and haughty about her status, Esther humbled herself under the mighty hands of God, praying and fasting for three days before going to the king. When she did enter in to his majesty, she received grace and an assurance to compliance of her request. Her high level of observance, allowed her to operate through wisdom and so instead of making her request known, Esther invited the king and the traitor Haman (unknown to the king)  to a banquet. They wined and dined and when asked of her request, she requested another banquet the following night. The king and the Haman was elated and so they did. That night was however different.  Esther made her request, exposed the traitor, who was later executed and saved the lives of her people.


Who would have thought that this orphan would become Queen and a pillar on which the Jews were able to stand? As the bible says, only God knows what he has in store for his children. Jeremiah 29:11 – For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. There is however a requirement stipulated for this promise to be fulfilled, which is not gender specific. So though this post may lead directly towards women, note that God requires humility / temperance by all. Esther was a conglomeration of good qualities, hence I call it an anabolic reaction – Estherification. Each vital element came together to create a great life for Esther and her people. Her lifestyle brought a remarkable gift to the Jews  and for generations to follow. James 4:10 – “Humble yourselves before the Lord, and he will lift you up. Luke 14:11 – For all those who exalt themselves will be humbled, and those who humble themselves will be exalted.” We all have big dreams for our lives and work  hard towards it but even in that I say, humble yourself before the hands of God. Allow yourself to go through the process of Estherificaition, giving  God the lead, to elevate you, rather than you TRYing to elevate yourself.


  1. Add the strong reagents, Love and Trust.
  2. To that, add some Obedience. Listening for the popping sound when ever-essence occurs. The popping is the voice of God.
  3. Pour a strong base of Humility to the mixture.
  4. A catalyst would be required for the reaction. The best suited catalyst is Prayer.
  5. Observe all steps of the reaction, proceeding further when directed to do so (By God)
  6. The end product would be elevation, restoration (if needed), transformation and overflow of blessings.
  7. A sweet aroma is also given off from the reaction.

Being a science student, I had to add a little sci-flavour to it. (lol). Hope it helped you understand what is required of you, as a woman, a person and a child of God. “Humility is the foundation of greatness. In other words, greatness is built upon a solid ground of humility”. The only way you will experience true joy is when you humble yourself.

ARISE WOMAN –  If you have any prayer request, send it to email address. We’ll will be happy to pray  and believe God with you.


One thought on “Estherification

  1. What I like about Esther is that she didn’t work according to her timing but God’s. On the first night she could have seen how pleased the king and the traitor was with the banquet and plead her case then and there. Instead she had patience and wisdom to invite them over a second night before exposing Haman. I think this is a great example for us to live by, even when we feel the time is right to move continue to wait on God until he gives the go-ahead.

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