And What Do You Say???

Thanks. According to Mirriam- Webster dictionary, thanks is a word expressing gratitude or gratefulness to someone for bestowing something to you. Thanks, a common word but the expression, not a common practice. We go about our daily routines and many of us don’t have the courtesy, if not to man, to God, to say, thank you for sparing my life. Your life, that he carries in HIS hands. I can only imagine how he feels about the high level of ingratitude portrayed by the ones he sent his ONLY son to die for on calvary.

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As a child, I was taught to always say thank you when receiving something  and was scolded if this was not practiced. Analyzing the methodology used and comparing it to the one used by God, it is only right for me to say THANKS or THANK YOU Lord. If God was like man, by now we would all be dead for showing him no gratitude. However, we bask in his method of GRACE, which are renewed everyday. In recent times though, there seems to a high level of abuse and misuse of his GRACE. A practice that is heart-breaking and can lead to his wrath , if we are not careful.

Recently I was having a conversation with my mother about where we are now and where we were during my growing days from childhood to the present twenty-four years old. It was amazing and heart-warming to see the progress we made and again it was only right for us to say THANK YOU God because we knew, if it was  not for his everlasting presence, we would not be. However, as I laid on my bed, meditating on the conversation and the facts surrounding it, I was brought to tears, for indeed God was not just good but great to us. I started scanning my life and boy oh boy did he MOVE. Given his way,  the enemy  would have had me dead since birth. My mother had me (alone) at the age of forty. With her about to give birth, at a not so common age back in her that era, it was imperative that they kept an eye on her, with frequent ultrasounds being performed. Day after day, the results were favourable until the day she went into labour. From hearing “the baby is set and waiting to come out”, the new horror song was “she is footing (meaning my feet would have been the first to come out)”. This is abnormal and can lead to the death of the baby, among other complications. You can only  imagine the panic that was stirred up in that room. My mother was rushed to the theater and an emergency cesarean had to be performed. Attempt one failed and a bouncing baby girl was brought into this world.

That was just the beginning. As I got older, the attacks came fast and furious. I was almost knock down three times, while returning home from school, by the same vehicle; same driver. This still was not enough, but added to the list was an accident that could have cost me my life or my left eye. Sitting in front seat with my aunt, the car ran off the road and my head banged into the dash board, resulting in a deep gash over my left eye. One inch closer and my left eye would have been history. Through it all, my life was preserved and even though I was told of it then, I can boldly say now, THANK YOU Lord for saving me. The road was not only made up of life and death stories but financial discomfort. Poor is the word to describe how I grew up. My family and I were poor in the physical but rich in the spirit and that’s what kept the fire burning in our home. I remember the days when my mom would eat bread (given to us by someone) and pepper, while I ate bread alone because pepper was not my friend. I remember the days when there would be turmoil in the home because my father felt less than a man, not having enough to provide for his family. I remember the days when, I had to wear a burst up sneakers to school because there was no money to buy a new one. I remember the days when I would only wear clothes passed down to me from a cousin or friend, “Hand me down”, as we called it. There were days when my mom wore a dress and a slipper to church because she had no shoes and I can go on with the lacking list. BUT even those days of us being poor but contented, God was with us. Though we lacked, we always had because he always made a way, even when there seemed to be none.


Now the tables have turned and my family looks like a million dollars with more to come . The things my parents can afford now, the plans they can make, the move they can make, is all because of God. Imagine how selfish it would be for them to now turn their noses up to God, forgetting what he did and where he brought us from. I still marvel at his work and know that my tongue can never be sufficient to give him the honour that is really due a King like him. However, I know to say THANK YOU and I will say it in song, dance, writing, praying, sharing or via whatever medium that can fully express it. Two small words that takes but a second to say. Why won’t you say it? How can you forget to say it? Maybe you were not in my position and things were well off or better off with you from inception but even in that you should say THANK YOU, because it’s because of him you would have been and can still experience that level of comfort. There are so many people who don’t know what a bowl or plate looks like and die of hunger, while you might be eating a snack while reading this blog. Then what do you say? THANK YOU. Even in Christ death, he didn’t have to do it but he said “Father, let you will be done” so that we could in the end, have life and have it more abundantly. Still we refuse to even acknowledge him and say thank you. Don’t be ungrateful for anything in your life. Take a hiatus just to say thank you. To God, your mom, your dad, friends, family, guardian, etc. Show them appreciation, especially while they are alive. Let the words THANK YOU become part of your lifestyle. Wear it on your lips like lip gloss ladies. Let it always pop (lol). Guys adorn yourself with it. Give it some swag. Be grateful. So what do you say? THANK YOU.

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ARISE – Thank you for reading and sharing, If you have a prayer request, feel free to send an email to We will be more than happy to pray and agree with you for God to answer. God bless. 


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