I Got This

Arise I say. Arise. Isn’t this something you hear me say everyday on my Facebook page? Or when I write a blog? You may laugh though when I tell you, I am still learning to ARISE. Though it may seem contradictory to what I “preach”, I felt the urge to share this with you.

In all the writing and posting of inspirational quotes and videos, it still didn’t dawn on me that I too, second guess myself and needs to ARISE in my confidence. You may think, she has it all covered or at least what she writes about is covered. Sad to say, so to, did I. I guess the sharing and the desire to be better consumed my vision of seeing where I am. On Saturday 27th April, 2013, I had a Mathematics examination and of course with Maths being my “Favourite Subject”, I went through the paper with ease (Right!!). Everything went pretty smooth, except for this one question that seemed to be giving not just me but the entire class a hard time. Our teacher, being the most caring lecturer I’ve met in a long while, gave us a couple hints and that was enough to stare us in the right direction. I had the light bulb effect and was going at the question with the “I got this” mindset, or so I thought. I did it; got a reversible workable answer but some where deep inside me said no; its wrong. So I did the next best thing. Erase it and try another method. To wrap it up, all in one word, FAILURE. Right there and then, I felt my inside wanting to come out. “You mean to say I going and fail this exam?” Yes! My thoughts were beginning to get the better of me. Apparently the lady next to me picked it up because she turned and asked, “Why are you second guessing yourself?” The answer you got before was correct. Don’t ask me why she was looking at my paper (Lol) but what she said was enough to shake me up.

Who said I could not figure out a tough mathematical question? No one but I. The seed of mistrust and lack of confidence dug deep into the soil of my brain and started shooting immediately. Sigh. I had to redo the entire question. However, when I got to my teacher, she said WELL DONE. My heart felt elated that I really did get it. However, I would have lost marks because I didn’t believe in myself. How many of us realize after the fact, that it was possible. That the job could have been done and it was because of our low-level of faith within ourselves, the opportunity was lost. The show came to an end and you never got the chance to portray your true ability. I could not be more thankful to my classmate. Since then, It’s been playing over and over in my mind. “Why do I second guess myself?” Apart from the psychological aspect of it, aren’t I a child of God? The God who told me in Philippians 4: 13 I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me. So why? I had to readjust my trend of thoughts and speak it into being. It has now become a daily routine to work on developing the lifestyle practice of believing in myself and knowing that “I got this”.


I know you’ve been there or maybe you are. That place where you look down on yourself, when you should really be seeing yourselves the way God sees you. Hey, you are a child of the most high King and that makes you royalty. So despite the imperfections that you see daily, don’t let them ensnare you. See Post: Ensnared By Imperfections? As Joel Osteen said, the queen would also have insecurities, but when she steps into a room, she is assertive, poised and ready to deliver because she is Queen. It’s the same application method. The crown you may not have or the expensive pieces of jewelry but you are still royalty and should always believe in yourself. We should always operate with that level of authority (NB: Not conceitedness), because God said in Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. If it’s so, then with God leading my life, “I GOT THIS.”

Arise – If you are having problems believing in yourself and want us to pray for you, send your prayer request to arisewoman@gmail.com. We will agree and believe God with you, for your moment of overcoming. God bless.


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