Pillow Talk – Do you?

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The Lord says, “Love your enemies”. Do you say, “It is impossible”? Do you say, “Alas, I cannot”? But have you tried to see whether he who made you will increase your strength when you step out to obey him? The Lord says, “Be perfect”. Do you then aim for perfection, or do you excuse your short comings and say, “To err is human”? If so, then you must ask yourself what part you have in him. The Lord says, “Lay not up yourselves treasures on earth”. My part is not now to preach against the love of money but to ask you, “Are you laying up for yourselves treasures on earth”? As to what the command means, the honest heart and the dishonest must settle it in his own way. No doubt you can point to other men who are better than you and of whom yet no one would dare question the validity of their Christianity. But all that matters not a hair. All that does is confirm that you may all be pagans together. Do not mistake me. I am not judging you. For my finger points at myself along with you. But I ask you simply to judge yourselves by the words of Jesus. The Lord says, “Take no thought for your life. Take me thought for tomorrow. Explain it as you may but ask yourselves, “Do I take no thought for my life”? Do I take no thought for tomorrow”? The Lord says, “Judge not”. Did you judge your neighbour yesterday? Will you judge them again tomorrow? Are you judging him (or her) now in the very heart that sits hearing the words, “Judge not”? Or do you sidestep the command by asking, “Who is my neighbour”? Does not your own profession of Christianity counsel you to fall upon your face and cry to him, “I am sinful man O Lord”? The Lord says, All things you would that men should do to you do also to them. You that buy and sell, do you obey this law? Examine yourselves and see. You would want men to deal fairly to you: do you deal just as fairly to them as you would count fairness in them toward you? If conscience makes you hang your head inwardly, however you sit with it erect in the pew, can you dare to add your crime against the law and the prophets the insult to Christ of calling yourselves disciples? Not every one that says unto me “Lord Lord”, shall enter into the Kingdom of heaven but he that does the will of my Father who is in heaven”.  – George McDonald

I think this piece is as self-explanatory as it gets. What we are left to do now is examine ourselves but not according to what we perceive to be right or wrong but what God says is right or wrong. Though having morals is a good thing,  it has taken the place of being spiritually inclined and so we tend to bend on the social side of life, rather than the spiritual. I am guilty of doing this. We need to pay more attention to what we were commanded to do and do it. It may seem hard but ALL things are possible through Christ. So saddle up lovies and lets embark upon the journey to get the “Do’s” list right.



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