Pillow Talk – Truth and Fact

Fact is defined as a thing that is indisputably the case, while truth is defined as the quality or state of being true or a reality. If you look at the synonyms of truth, fact is in the line up, so how then can they be deemed as different. Maya Angelou states, ” There is a world of difference between the truth and facts. Facts can obscure your vision.” Rather deep statement especially when you can’t seem to pass the mind bugging element of the difference between the two. Different philosophers have gone in depth to differentiate them and you may ask yourself why. Apart from people’s interest in epistemology, there is something that we all seek answers for. Is Jesus really the truth? Is he even true? From scientist, philosophers to the man in the street, this is a question to be answered. It’s mysterious elements has caused people to marvel and wonder, going beyond borders to get answers and state it as a FACT.


Jesus says in John 14:6 –  Jesus answered, “I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me. “THE TRUTH”. Some people (Like Aristotle) believes that the truth of a fact is the one seen, while others like Bertand Russell who believes that there is more to the truth of a matter than we can see and that there are just facts related to the matter. I like. For a matter like Jesus, if seeing is believing then what would you say about the air you breathe? Is it that your mind just plays games with you, allowuing you to believe that you are breathing in air because it’s quite obvious you can’t see it. How believe in air but not in Christ when they possess the same medium of invisibility? Isn’t the presence of air true although it can’t be seen?

So is the presence of God. There to be felt and inhaled just like air. If you chose not to breath in, then you won’t get air or the benefits that comes with it. In like manner, if you chose not to breath in or accept Christ, then  you won’t get what is there to be received. Our beliefs and assertions are thus related to the world as a map is related to the territory; it is up to the map to get the territory right and if the map doesnt get the territory right, thats the fault of the map and no fault of the territory. If we don’t open our minds to receive of God, thats does not mean that he doesn’t exist. It’s all on us. The FACT of the matter is, we need to accept the truth or else the truth will always seem false. Ponder on it.



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