Arrive On Time

Ever heard the saying, “God is an on time God”? The saying itself, cannot be compared with experiencing the reality of its words. Even as I type, I am still amazed by Gods awesome power and his very structured system of operation. A system we still and will never be able to wrap our hands around. Why? Because he is a mysterious God. The more I learn about him the deeper I fall in love. In both good and bad situations. His ability to operate in any hemisphere, atmosphere and territory is what makes him supreme. There is no force capable of withholding his awesome power. What a man!
How many times have you longed for something, prayed for it and got angry when you didn’t get it, when YOU wanted it? I can’t seem to count it on one hand but my most recent experiences has taught me remarkable lessons. When God does not show up or answer, it isn’t always no but rather, “Not Yet”. Who would even remember “not yet” existed when you want something so bad. Those words are usually on vacation during those pressing times. Vacation! Sweet vacation. My family and I started planning a family vacation a month and a half before we wanted to leave. God bless that spontaneous spirit (lol) and indeed he did. In all honesty, the money we had, was enough to cover the stay. How can you vacate without extra cash? Impossible. However, in faith we planned and operating in faith sure brings its test but as promised, God provided a peace that surpassed all our understanding.
In the year 2011, I started working for a company whose policy was to submit a two weeks’ in pay. That would have caused me to have three thousand TT dollars inside until I left. It was one of the most tedious work environments I’ve ever been exposed to. Things were rough during my year there and it ended on a bad note. I quit the job not knowing where I would go next or how I would have lived. Might I remind you, I had three thousand dollars inside. With the events which occurred, I had lost all hope in getting back that money and multiple attempts to retrieve it proved me right, until now. The date of departure was drawing closer and although I thought of that money, initially I called it hopeless. But there is HOPE in the HOPE OF NATIONS. The manager of the company called me and requested my assistance in calculating the monies he had for his workers, since he wanted to pay. My name was on that list. *All smiles*. The same man who said he will never give back the money was ready and willing to give. I received my cash in its totality two days before the trip. TWO DAYS. Close right? NO. ON TIME. That’s what it’s called. ON TIME.
What would have been my position if I received that cash when I wanted it back in 2012? It would have been used up and my savings would have been dented badly for the vacation. However, while I was grunting and hyperventilating about the money, God was withholding it for our family’s spontaneous trip. What a man! Though it took a year and some months, my prayer was answered and I got the money.
As mentioned before God is so powerful, he can operate with anything and in any atmosphere. Which brings me to my next encounter with him. This time, musically. I grew up all my life singing in church and after slipping away I stopped. However, music was just under a bushel because when I rekindled my relationship with Christ, I started praying for him to use me musically, once again. My prayer was not answered until a couple months after. I am now carded to sing in a concert, June 22nd, 2013 (Tomorrow).  Would you however believe, that up to two hours ago, I did not have a song or track? Things to make you laugh. Initially I was a bit flustered but along with my friend, kept on reassuring myself that God is in control and what did he do? Use my very own resource. MY GUITAR. Wait! Before you go on about it, take note that I am now learning to play this instrument. I know only a couple chords, yet I got my medley for the concert. Close right? NO. ON TIME.
 So many things were learnt from these experience but patience and trust in God supersedes them all. The two things that I failed terribly in having. I deemed the situations as hopeless, which was caused by lack of trust because it didn’t happen on my time and terms. But who am I to be compared with the King of kings and Lord of lords? What great power he possesses. There is no limit in him.
What have you been praying for? Have you given up or is on the verge of doing so? Have you lost faith and trust in God? Are you angry with him? I know. I was but I have great news for you. He is going to show up just ON TIME. Don’t give up because he don’t ever give up on us. The very fact that we wake in the morning, proves that he is ever mindful of us. He says in Isaiah 49: 15 – 16  – I will not forget you! See, I have engraved you on the palms of my hands; your walls are ever before me. An engraving cannot be removed. Its there to stay. This means that you are always in his vision and mind. God is going to rock your world beyond your imagination and he will do so just ON TIME.

ARISE – If you are struggling with holding on or believing that he will come through for you, send us a prayer request at We would be happy to agree with you for your breakthrough


One thought on “Arrive On Time

  1. And he is always right once u believe and trust him always tk u jesus for ur blesings wat u sow u will reap and indeed u did in jesus name amen

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