Pillow Talk – Truth and Fact – Part 2

What make something true? Is it the facts that it corresponds to or the opinions of the thing by men? Great philosophers have concluded that TRUTH is not relative to time, space and persons. How did they come up to such conclusion? Look at the example used by Mortimer J. Alder

A portion of the human race some centuries ago held it to be true that the earth is flat. That “false” opinion has now been repudiated. This should not be interpreted to mean that the objective truth has changed – that what was once true is no longer true. What has changed is not the truth of the matter but the prevalence of an opinion that has ceased to be popular.

Another valid point made by the great philosopher was the change in population but the maintaining of culture and beliefs. This would prove why certain beliefs are kept constant while we go from generation to generation. Does this however, mean, that the truth is no longer the truth because messages were passed down? What we formulate in our minds and hold unto as true or false is neither but rather beliefs. What makes a belief true is a fact and that fact does not in any way involve the mind of the person who has the belief. – Russell Bertrand.

If this is the case, then I am yet to understand why people deem God as not true. What you think does not change the fact that God exist and is ever present amongst us. You may have been taught differently but the teachings all came from the mind. Minds of other persons who would have passed on their beliefs as oppose to the truth, to you. As I would have written in Truth and Fact – Part 1, there is more to truth than the eyes can see and ears can hear. Those are our senses. We use them to survive. That means that truth goes beyond the natural and that to me is the epitome of Christ. The facts of this world have blurred our vision and block our ears to the truth. The truth that created us. It is time for us to open our eyes and ears, over the man-made system and see God for who he is. The real TRUE God that he is.



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