Priority Of Position

In conversing with someone recently, the conversation led to, “Why don’t you(me) have the same friends since you’ve rekindled your relationship with God?” Then he proceeded to say, “That’s what I can’t take with Christian people. It’s like they feel, they better than people now because they find God.” And sad to say, that may be the case for some people. However in my humble opinion, there comes the “Priority of Position”. It never dawned on me until the conversation and the events occurring in my life presently. Before I proceed, let it be clear that there is a difference between friends and associates. The two are often mixed up and cause very deep debatable topics, like the one mentioned earlier.

It’s been just over a year I’ve rekindled my relationship with Christ and within that past year, a lot of people have been dropped off. Was it by choice? Yes but not mine. Many of them could not deal with the new standards that I would have set for myself. Included in that was a relationship. My boyfriend at the time even asked me to apologize for having such high standards. Very funny. Though I grew up with “basic” standards, there were things that I would have done back in the day that were definitely cut off when I gave over my life to Jesus. Does that make me better than anyone? No. Why? I’ve been where they are and the feeling of emptiness drove me to a place where I can be forever filled. It’s not that I played holier than thou or convicted them (NB: That’s the Holy Spirit Job) but rather stepped out of a zone where they were still comfortable. Now it is understood that in Christ, old things are passed away; all things become new (2 Corinthians 5:17). Some things and people must be placed to the side in order for us to have an effective and fruitful Christian or changed life. However, if you are anything like me, losing the people will hurt more than losing the thing. I love to love and care for people. Especially the ones in my life. Once you’ve entered that friend zone, consider it (however I can help) done.

In my recent observation, I’ve seen people I consider dearly slipping away; one by one. Oh, how my heart has been hurting because the bond which was created was now being severed. Again, did I choose to let them go? No. They chose to walk away. I started questioning God. Why? Why God? What did I do? I respect everyone’s opinion but stand firm in mine. So what’s the matter? Then I got my answer; The “Priority of Position”. Do you know what it is? It’s simply who or what the priority in your life is. Where is your focus? Who is your focus? The repent came quickly. I understood it all too well. It’s not that God does not want us to have friends or that we can’t be friends with the same people from our previous life but if they were to walk away, don’t hold unto, what God is releasing you from. Your priority must be clear and circumspect. If he closes the door, it’s because he’s preparing you for something greater and bigger. This can only be retrieved when your “Priority of position” is in chronological order. Though it hurts me deeply, I know “there is a purpose for every happening” and when it comes to the “priority of position”, God is in the lead. The pain I feel, he is more than able to remove. Friends didn’t die for me but Jesus did. Friends would sometimes condemn me but Jesus won’t. Friends would cry confidentiality and gossip behind my back but Jesus won’t. You may say those are not friends but my mother thought me valid lesson, “A best friend, always have a best friend that isn’t you”. In other words, the information will travel but in Christ stays put.


This is not to discourage you on the topic of friendship but rather encourage you to order your “priority of position”. Always put God first over everything and every person. He is the reason we are alive. He knows everything about us and structure his plans only to bring greatness to our table. It’s time for us to get our priorities straight. Maybe you are losing people in your life (not death). Don’t fight about it. If it is to be it will be and if not, then allow it to take its course. Better days are coming for you. That’s my only form of encouragement right now. Better days are coming. Once God is in control, everything else will fall into its perfect place.

ARISE If you are struggling with this in your life, don’t hesitate to send a prayer request to We will be more than happy to pray and believe God with and for you.


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