Women’s News: Hot or not? How we really rate our looks

It is very sad but true how we look at ourselves as women. We made in Gods image and likeness and he is a beautiful God, so that makes us beautiful. Arise


Woman looking in mirror

Amy Fleming

The Guardian

Some advertising would have us believe that we’re more beautiful than we think. In fact, the reverse is true

One of skincare brand Dove’s latest facets to its international Real Women marketing campaign is a film called Real Beauty Sketches. It begins with a woman telling a hidden FBI forensic artist what she looks like, while he draws. Then she is described by a stranger, informing a kinder, second picture. This process is repeated with another woman and when the subjects finally view their pairs of portraits, they emote over the discrepancies between them. Cue the feel-good tagline: you are more beautiful than you think.

There are many aspects of this that one could take issue with. None of the drawings actually do the women justice, largely due to the creepy, photo-fit style. There was the revelation, too, that previous Real Women images were retouched. And, as if all…

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2 thoughts on “Women’s News: Hot or not? How we really rate our looks

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