Pillow Talk – Relationships

If I were to conduct an interview about the “Ideal Relationship”, the many responses I would receive, may take me a day or more to tally. However among those answers, do you think I’ll find THE RIGHT ANSWER? You may say there is no right answer to a matter like this, since everyone’s opinion on what a relationship should be may have some form of similarities and well the differences, within their rights. If you may allow me, I would take this opportunity to oppose on that matter. Why? Simply because of the fact on where relationship was initiated into this world, who did such and under what terms and conditions was this done. If you were to look at man’s creation, you would see that the head (man) came first, then the women but not immediately. The order on which things were laid out, would open your eyes to an issue, apparently blinding us today because everything seems to be going back to front. Before lives are stabilized, new life is brought into this world. Then, when the pressure of taking care of a family, holding down a job and trying to get house, car and land mix, it brings disaster and a catastrophic ending. Apart from that, the most important or IDEAL RELATIONSHIP of all is ignored. Man’s relationship with Christ. Yes you may see people, making it in life and God is the furthest thing from their taught but if you were to dive in a little deeper, you would realize that they still feel incomplete and empty. It is very important to have a relationship with Christ. If this is the foundation that the rest of “relationships” in your life are built on, then your life is on solid ground. On a rock to stay. Not that there won’t be challenges but right where it is, so will the solution also. If you are not whole, then your relationships will always be perforated and leaking all the substance. Build the ideal relationship first (the relationship with Christ) and all else after will be ordered by him and fall into the right perspective.



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