Pillow Talk – Truth and Fact – Part 4

When the soul or heart or spirit or whatever you please to call that which is the man himself and not his body, sooner or later becomes aware that he needs someone above him, whom to obey, in whom to rest, from whom to seek deliverance from what in himself is despicable, disappointing and unworthy, then indeed is that man in the region of truth and beginning to come true to himself. When a man bows down before a power that can account for him, a power that knows whence he came and whither he is going, who everything about him and can set him right, longs indeed to set him right, making of him a creature confident as a child whom his father is leading by the hand to the heights of happy-making truth, then is that man bursting into his flower. Then the truth of his being, his real nature, born in God at first and responsive to the truth, the being of God, his origin begins to show itself. Then is his nature coming into harmony with itself. In obeying the will that is cause of his being, he begins to stand on the apex of his being. He begins to feel himself free. The truth not as known to his intellect, but as revealed in his own sense of being true – has made him free. No abstract truth held by purest insight can make a man free. But the truth done, the truth loved, the truth lived by the man, the truth of and not merely in the man himself-that is the truth makes him free. – George MacDonald


Liberation does not come by joining an activist movement or a union that would one day strikes it’s goal and come into the newness of power but rather liberation is when a man is set free into the light of truth. Truth is not what we think it is but rather who and what God is. The bible says in John 14:6 – Jesus said to him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. So we can only know truth by walking along it’s path. People tend to live their lives without acknowledging there is a God. They hold unto all the philosophical theories that sociologist, scientist and researchers would have concocted, never one day questioning it’s motive or reasoning, even if they don’t understand but when it comes to the all powerful God, shy away from the truth with haste. It does not matter how much we’ve learnt, how far life would have taken us and how accomplished we may be or feel, we will never know the truth or live in it if we don’t accept that there is a God. A God who is higher than we are. We will continue to live with an opaque vision and be obscured by facts. Don’t let that be you. Open your eyes and heart and receive the truth of life today. Receive God through Jesus Christ.



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