Share Your Voice – INVITATION


Arise Woman is about inspiring, building, uplifting and  boosting the lives of others. We are now allowing you the opportunity to SHARE YOUR VOICE. Have you been ….

  • Abused (Emotionally, mentally, financially, physically and otherwise)
  • Raped
  • molested
  • Hurt in the church
  • Hurt at school
  • Hurt in the office
  • Been in a domestic violent relationship
  • Been in a homosexual relationship or is presently in one
  • Have been homeless
  • A drug addict
  • An alcoholic
  • An exotic dancer
  • Or any other struggle

…… and would love to share your story of how you are currently dealing with it or got over, then look no further, you can send us an email at

Many are waiting on your story to ARISE. The only thing required is your story. Your name is NOT a necessity.  We are all about protecting our participants. This is your moment. Your moment to share your story with the world. Its your time to SHARE YOUR VOICE. Just send us your story at the above mentioned email address and light up wordpress and our Facebook Page with your stories. No longer will you live in silence but your voice be heard. Grasp this opportunity to SHARE YOUR VOICE.



2 thoughts on “Share Your Voice – INVITATION

  1. Thanks Candi for including me and i believe this is a great opportunity for women to share their life experiences and it will help or uplift someone who maybe e xperienceing the same thing.

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