Pillow Talk: The Big Lock

While travelling home this afternoon, I could not help but think about the prisoners behind that BIG PADLOCK on the van in front of me. It took me back to a youth rally I attended on Saturday gone. Hearing the testimonies of some inmates really shook my grounds. Never did it dawn on me that I could have been an inmate myself until Saturday. A life of absolutely no FREEDOM, NO VOICE, NO CHOICES. A body with life but a life that I have  no control over. I know it’s a difficult and sad thing to be incarcerated, although I’ve never physically been there. The emotional and self esteem prison I’ve been in was enough to let me know I don’t ever want to go behind the big lock.


You may be wondering what the BIG LOCK has to do with you and the answer is EVERYTHING. Why? Simply because the things we take for granted can land us into prison. Never thought of it. I know. Sitting and listening to a young lady who was in love with a young man, who was the cause of her going to prison was heart-breaking. Can you imagine being in love with a man who decided to take you on a trip; bought you a new pair of shoes and pack the soling with cocaine to carry abroad. I don’t think a homeless person will appreciate such treatment. That’s how life is, the simple things and daily practices that we partake of and think it’s nothing can land us behind the BIG LOCK.

I want you to stop and think for a minute about the things you do, especially the “little wrong” things and think if it should develop into something bigger, where would it take you. Thinking like that is not being negative but rather smart because as from hence forth you can stop. Stop telling that “white lie”, it can land you behind the BIG LOCK. Enjoy life. Enjoy freedom but most of all, enjoy these in Christ. Do not be fooled or misled into thinking that freedom is doing what you want even if its wrong. That is a rather a bad recipe to your destruction. Search yourself and ask God to take everything that is not of him from you. Live FREE and please don’t develop bad habits that could one day land you behind the BIG LOCK.



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