Pillow Talk: The Glass Case Shield

How would you feel, if you were to find out that the guy you are head over heels with, was using you as a glass case shield for the young lady he has in the glass case? Never thought about it? I know. Abuse can approach us in various forms and fashion. This is just one of the ways, which can affect you emotionally, mentally and emanate physically. Although this has never been my fate and I pray not, I could not help but think how devastating it would be, if it were to be so. I remember reconnecting with a friend who told me that her ex-boyfriend got married ten (10) months after they broke up. Although it cannot be clearly stated that she was the glass case shield, it sure looked like the epitome of it.

Still confused as to what the “Glass Case Shield” is? Let me explain. It’s where a man has his eyes on a prize possession of a woman and in order not to damage it in any form, frolics with another, leading her to believe that he is in love with her and in it for the long hall. Tricky right? I know. Very selfish and of low standard but very much prominent. How do you avoid such calamity? I am no psychologist but I would simply say, have a certain level of standards for yourself and stand by it. Though this brings no guarantee to avoiding the situation because of how manipulative some people can be, it sure can yield a high level of safe guarding results.

If you don’t stand for something, you usually would fall for anything and this can land you into the spot of being a “Glass Case Shield”. Having high standards is not a crime. Do not be led to believe that you are being unreasonable because you expect greatness in your life. Always start off as friends, avoiding in-depth physical contact and assess the situation properly. NOTE: Do not over read into everything but rather be wise (READ PROVERBS FOR WISDOM) and you will know where you stand and if he is or is not for you. You will also know how to avoid being the “Glass Case Shield”.



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